Tired of Puppy Tantrums? Try These 4 Tips to Calm Him Down!

Temper tantrums are just the same, whether in the human world or puppy world. They are no fun, and it gets stressful for the people and other creatures. Like a human baby that wails, so parents hear them and come running, a puppy may also throw a fit now and then to get his way. Puppy parents dealing with puppy flare-ups may need to figure out how to end the pet craziness asap. The excessive barking and growling may tire out both of you.

With easily accessible pet care resources online, you may explore various solutions to combat your puppy outbursts. However, your vet is the best person to guide you on tackling your pup’s enraged behaviour. Your puppy pal’s vet visit costs are covered with pet insurance in Nz. Purchase pet insurance, so you don’t have to count your dollars before providing your fur baby with excellent medical care in times of accidents, sickness, and health emergencies.

Have a medical backup, so you don’t have to compromise on your pet’s health care. Also, take a few steps that may encourage positive behaviour in your puppy. This article tells you how you can stop an overtired or overstimulated puppy from wreaking havoc at home.

My puppy is upset and throwing tantrums. Is it normal?

If your little guy is rarely enraged, then throwing tantrums every once in a while is pretty standard. However, young puppies still exploring our world may find certain things confusing. When puppies don’t understand something clearly, they treat the strange thing as a potential threat and may begin a puppy frenzy.

All that pet parents can do in such moments is maintain their calm and put up with the puppy blowouts. When the puppy understands that barking will not elicit reactions from his owners, he should naturally calm down. Thus, the key to managing puppy tantrums is not encouraging the behaviour.

How to put an end to my puppy’s tantrums?

  1. Allow your puppy to settle down on his cosy bed, crate, or any other comfortable spot. Understand your puppy’s emotions and limitations. For instance, don’t expect your already tired puppy to walk more. He will most likely not listen to you and act out instead. So, allow him some relaxation time before you resume the activity.
  2. Hold your puppy still for about a minute in your hand. Your teeny-weeny fur baby may not be aware of where his body is and what he is up to. Then, hold him gently by his shoulders, so he becomes conscious of his body again.
  3. Ignore your paw pal for some time until he stops throwing fits of anger and learns to stay calm. Speak to him only when he has regained his composure, so he understands no number of barks and growls will get him attention.
  4. If you know the stimuli triggering such behaviour, you probably need to remove him from the scene that contributes to his tantrums. For example, an unknown visitor or a new doggy in the house may get him irked.

Follow these tips to keep your fur baby’s temper issues in check. If your puppy continues to bark for no apparent reason, he may have a hidden illness. Quickly book a vet appointment and take your puppy for examination. Pet insurance in Nz for dogs helps your puppy with vet check-ups, medicines, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses. Buy kitten insurance, so your pet’s health needs are met at affordable costs.