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How to lose fat?

Despite what marketing and diet sometimes claim, losing fat and losing weight is not the same thing. For an early weight loss strategy, you can try Java Burn TheHealthMags weight loss magical product. Everything you need to know about fat, its origins, how it is stored, the anti-fat diet, and the fat-burning training to lose fat fast is here.

Where does body fat come from?

Do you know that there are several types of body fat essential fat, brown fat, white fat, (and even beige!)? While certain types of fat are essential for health, others are much less beneficial, such as white fat. Some form of fat is essential for living. It is located in the central nervous system, bones, and muscles. Its role is to regulate your body temperature, protect your internal organs and provide energy. The fat brown burns energy. It uses fatty acids to produce heat and maintains body temperature at 37 °. Babies have brown fat, much of which they lose in adulthood. Mammals that hibernate have brown fat stores that they use as insulation. Other excess forms: white fat makes up more than 90% of our reserves. It is energy stored in the form of triglycerides. Depending on whether it is stored subcutaneously or visceral, it is more or less dangerous. 

To lose fat effectively, you must not remove all forms of fat.

What are fats used for?   

To lose fat effectively, you should not restrict your diet too much or remove all forms of fat because they have a role to play on certain vital or hormonal functions. Be careful in this case to choose the good fats which protect the heart and health, unlike the bad fats which increase the risks.

Difference between fat loss and weight loss

Losing fat doesn’t have to be weight loss. In general, to lose fat, you have to combine dietary restriction and sports training, which stimulates the metabolism and burns calories. But under the effect of training the muscle ends up taking up more space, which in terms of weight does not show any reduction. Fat mass decreases in favor of lean mass. Body distribution changes, but weight may not move.  The weight loss is generally: muscle, water, and fat. Fat loss is targeted: you want to lose fat and only fat. Watching the weight to lose fat permanently does not mean anything because it can vary according to the contents of the stomach, the bladder, the intestine, the water retention… Weight or fat, it is difficult to say. 500g of muscle takes up less volume than 500g of fat. This means that you will look slimmer despite having the same body weight. In short, do not rely on the scale, but on the mirror and the centimeters. If your waist size and thigh size are getting smaller, that’s a good sign.

Take the time to lose

Losing fat in 1 month is not easy. Wherever your fat is located, on your stomach or elsewhere, you will not lose it in 1 month, or in 1 week. And the more you have accumulated the pounds, the more you will have to take the time to eliminate them permanently. Losing fat in 1 month is not easy. Wherever your fat is located, on your stomach or elsewhere, you will not lose it in 1 month, or in 1 week. And the more you have accumulated the pounds, the more you will have to take the time to eliminate them permanently. Wanting to lose a lot of weight too quickly is not recommended because the lost weight will be quickly regained (the famous yo-yo effect!) And in addition, you will tap into your muscle mass and lose more muscle than fat if you lose weight too quickly. It is important to take it gradually and really change your habits to have results over time. You can expect to lose around 3 to 5 kg per month to be sure that you lose mostly fat.

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Where is fat stored?

Hips, stomach, thighs, back, arms fat settles where it wants and not harmoniously. We all want to lose belly fat more or less and fast! In women, it is stored mainly on the hips and buttocks. If very overweight, it can gain the waist, back, and arms. For all kinds of weight loss tips and quick weight loss tips visit where you will see many helpful products with 0 side effects.

To the thighs

How to lose thigh fat? Oftentimes, women would like to target fat loss in this specific location but unfortunately, this is not possible. This preferred storage area for women is natural. The goal is to deal with possible famine during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Even if today, this reason no longer exists, it continues to exist. When all is well, it is natural to store fat on the lower body. Women are protected by their female hormones from storage to the waist. If fat settles elsewhere, at the waist, for example, it is also because of other hormones, and cortisol and insulin will be responsible. Since it is both fatty and sugary foods that influence insulin, these are the ones you should absolutely avoid. In men, it is stored mainly on the abdomen, which is why they want above all to lose abdominal fat. To lose thighs, it will be necessary to make them more toned and to drive out the fat, by a combined action of sport and diet. We must of course avoid processed industrial foods which are full of fatty acids, salt, and hidden sugars: fast food, pizzas, cold cuts, pastries, pastries and if you do this, you will not only lose thighs but will lose fat in the thighs and elsewhere.

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