The Meaning of Air Conditioner Remote Control Symbols Explained

The meaning of air conditioner remote control symbols is essential to avoid confusion and misunderstandings when using an air conditioner. The temperature symbol usually indicates the mode of the air conditioning unit, while the “auto mode” icon represents its mode of operation. Some symbols have more than one function, so you should pay close attention to the symbols before deciding which one to use. If you have a complicated air conditioning unit, it’s best to have an expert install it for you. The meaning of air conditioner remote control symbols can be confusing, but don’t let that stop you from using your device. While some symbols have similar meanings to the power button on your device, others may have different meanings. For example, the heat setting symbol might be a snowflake. If you know that your unit has multiple heat settings, you should figure out the meaning of these symbols.

To figure out the meaning of these symbols, you can look at your air conditioner’s manual. Though the symbols will differ slightly from one brand to another, they are all generally similar and quickly be figured out. Besides, some symbols correspond to different modes of operation. For example, the “Timer” button will start the timer, while “Display” will allow you to change the display settings.

What are the symbols in AC remote?

Most AC units have a button that allows you to control the temperature. It is usually next to the power button. You can use these buttons to adjust the temperature in your room. You can also adjust the fan speed using the same symbols. The icons on your remote may differ from brand to brand, but they should be easy to identify. A heart symbol is often similar to a snowflake or a sun. The plus and minus buttons control the temperature in the room. The snowflake symbol activates cold features. The fan setting circulates the air in the room. The fan symbol looks like a standard household fan. It is easy to detect. Ensure to consult your AC’s manual to determine the suitable model for your home. This will save you money on electricity. Once you’ve selected the settings, you can turn the temperature down or up depending on the needs of your room.

The symbols on the AC remote depend on the model. The symbol for off means that the air conditioner is off. If you want to turn the AC on or off, click on this symbol. You can also use the fan symbol to control the fan’s speed. When you’re looking for the correct mode, you can consult the manual of the AC unit to see what the symbols mean. There are plenty of different codes and symbols on your AC remote, so pay attention!

Here you can choose between several modes. Here are the main ones:


It is the primary function of the air conditioner, being the button that starts and ends its operations. In general, it is represented by the circle symbol traced by risk in the middle or just by the words on/off.

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Directional arrows

It is the option used to modify the clock function’s temperature, timer, and time. Most of the time, it is represented by arrows that point to the sides or up and down.

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Fan speed

One of the symbols present on the air conditioner refers to the fan speed. It will indicate the operating speed of the air conditioner. It is usually represented by the symbol of a propeller on the remote control. It is worth mentioning that the air conditioning will have four options: auto, fast, medium, and low.


The symbol refers to the temperature selected for the environment, represented by the respective number that is usually centered on the air conditioning remote control display. In addition, around the temperature, almost always in one of the upper corners, the following written symbols appear that also refer to temperature:

Room temp: indicates the room temperature

Set temp: indicates the desired temperature.