The Best Places to Buy Vacation Properties in Canada

Vacation properties are becoming a hot topic again as temperatures plummet and people consider where they’d like to be rather than stuck at home.  Thankfully, there are plenty of great little towns in Canada that give you the chance to enjoy something scenic and incredible without breaking the bank.

These are the best places to buy vacation properties in Canada: and why they’re so incredibly popular!

Jasper, Alberta

When considering vacation properties, many think about living shoreside and enjoying the surf and sun: but why not go for a frostier approach?  Jasper is a smaller national park in Alberta that offers endless beautiful scenery.

The summer is peak tourism time when people come from all over to walk on glaciers and enjoy the gorgeous greenery and wildlife.  Small local shops and unique fun restaurants ensure that you can get all of the down time you want while nature is just a couple of steps away. 

Whistler, British Columbia

If you want the best of all seasons: it’s time to look at real estate for sale in Whistler!  Gorgeous mountain peaks and snowy slopes allow this town to become a skiing and snowboarding paradise in the winter, and in the summer, as the snow melts away, Whistler turns gorgeous shades of green, making way for plenty of walking paths and fantastic opportunities for adventure in the great outdoors.

If you ever crave a little city excitement while you’re in town, Vancouver is just an hour’s drive away!  Whistler is an incredibly expensive area to own property in, but if you invest wisely, you can turn this around into a great investment.  

Mont-Tremblant, Québec

Another gorgeous ski resort, Mont-Tremblant, allows you to feel like you’re taking an excursion in Europe without having to leave North America.

This mountain town is mainly french speaking and is full of exciting things to do and see at all times of the day.  Whether you love skiing or you’d rather soak in the natural hot springs, your vacations will be full of amazing memories.

Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

Home to fewer than seven thousand people, Muskoka Lakes is the perfect waterside retreat for anyone who wants a quiet getaway.  This little town celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 and feels like a classic summer camp year-round.

With the help of seawall construction, the lakes are easily accessed, so you can spend your days fishing, kayaking, or even swimming whenever you want.  In the winter, things freeze over, and these same lakes are awesome for ice skating and fun!  This is a wonderful place to visit: and owning a vacation home in Muskoka Lakes ensures that you’ll want to travel here every chance you get.

Buying a Vacation Home Means On-Demand Relaxation!

Vacation homes are awesome opportunities to try something new and give yourself a break.  Not only can you find properties that are gorgeous year-round, but you should seek out areas that can feel like a home away from home.

After all, vacations are some of the most memorable parts of our lives; make sure you pick the place you want to remember.

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