The advantages and disadvantages of PVC shutters

PVC is one of the most widely used materials for the design of shutters. The reason is very simple. PVC is a material that has an excellent quality-price ratio . A brief reminder of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of installation.


Its ease of maintenance

All you need is a little soapy water and a few wipes with a cloth to restore the shine to PVC shutters. A very economical mode of maintenance.

Its versatility

Today PVC lends itself easily to the creativity of professional craftsmen. There are as many models of shutters as the imagination allows. Sliding or folding shutters, with a frame, a frame, rolling shutters or bars, etc., PVC makes it possible to use almost all styles of shutters , whether classic or contemporary.

Its robustness

The PVC Shutters are very solid and fear nothing except the effect of the sun or hail after a few years. Moreover, being a synthetic material, PVC is naturally immune to wood-eating insects. The same goes for fungus and mold.

It should also be noted that unlike wood or certain metals, PVC has nothing to fear from the salinity of the sea air or sea spray. Thus, installing PVC shutters by the sea is a long-lasting solution.

His price

PVC is probably the cheapest material for installing new or renovated shutters.

Its disadvantages

Its durability

Although robust, PVC has significantly lower longevity than wood or aluminum. After a few years spent under the influence of the sun, rain, cold, or heat, it becomes fragile and has multiple holes. Ultimately, it is absolutely necessary to change these shutters after about ten years.

Its colors

PVC rubs off over time. The observation is the same for colored PVC, especially when they are used in very sunny regions.

It’s aesthetic

Many advancements have been made in design. Today PVC allows you to give free rein to your imagination, indulge in various mixtures of colors, and even imitate wood. However, even if we prefer PVC for its shimmering appearance, we must admit that this material has neither the nobility of wood nor the resistance of aluminum. Need help installing your PVC Plantation Shutters? Call on the professional craftsmen referenced in our directory!

Choosing the right shutters for your roof windows

Whether you want to darken or insulate your attic, installing a shutter on your roof windows is interesting. This solution, which is both practical and effective, guarantees you a satisfactory result adapted to your expectations thanks to the wide choice of offers offered by professionals in roof window shutters. Read some tips below;

The quality of insulation: a criterion to take into account

The attic is often responsible for 30% of heat loss in a house. This part of the construction is more exposed to strong temperature variations. Hence the need to choose the right opening and closing systems to avoid thermal bridges. If your roof windows have an insulation defect, the installation of the shutter is essential for reasons of comfort and energy savings. To ensure excellent insulation capacity, opt for double-walled roller shutters which are specially dedicated to roof windows.

The materials to be used: a point not to be overlooked

Highly exposed to UV rays, bad weather and other external aggressions, the shutters of your roof windows must be designed with solid and quality materials. The choice of these should not therefore be made lightly to ensure the robustness and resistance of your structures . You can choose between PVC, wood, metal and aluminum. But the latter option is much more reliable than its competitors. Robust and resistant, it guarantees the longevity of your shutter.

The opening and closing system: the choice is yours

You will discover on the market different possibilities of opening and closing your shutter. You can bet on the traditional manual component. In this case, you will need to roll and roll your system with a crank. But to facilitate the use of your structures, the automatic or motorized rolling shutter is strongly recommended. You can control its opening and closing remotely for optimal comfort of use.

What about roller shutters for solar-powered roof windows?

The solar-powered roof window roller shutter deserves specific precision. Motorized and rechargeable , this system equipped with a battery works with solar energy. Thanks to a photovoltaic cell that captures the sun’s rays, your shutter allows you to make serious energy savings.

Why have your shutters installed by a professional?

You want to install, modify or renovate the roller shutters or swing shutters that equip your home after having chosen your shutter carefully . If the idea of ​​reducing the bill by saving the cost of labor seems judicious, the intervention of a professional has its advantages: guarantee of the quality of the work, advice, maintenance, realization of electrical connections, etc.

Installation of shutters

It is understood that the installation of shutters does not require exceptional DIY knowledge. Nevertheless, the work requires certain precautions to be taken, especially when taking measurements, otherwise there will be major disappointments!

If you still want to install your shutters , know that you have to take the measurements of the lintel in its width, length and depth. 

Bring in a professional

Some steps in installing a shutter are not so simple. By calling on a professional , you relieve yourself of any problems while saving time and energy. The craftsman or the company has the advantage of knowing the models of shutters to be installed and of having the equipment required to carry out the work without the site dragging on and that your installation is secure .

From advice to maintenance through installation , the professional will be able to support you in your project and if necessary guide you in the decisions to be taken taking into account your budget, your expectations and the constraints of your home.

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