Should recruiters take on easy skills testing to ensure candidate proficiency?

Recruitment agencies are invested in finding the best applicants for hiring companies. They work intending to ensure top talent for clients. To procure skilled candidates, there is a significant need to be proactive and leverage employment skills testing software.

Modern recruiting requires agencies and recruiters to adopt smart recruiting methods and be innovative when it comes to talent sourcing and checking candidate proficiency.

The best talent does not last long in the jobs market. They get extremely competitive offers as soon as they start seeking new opportunities. If recruiters want to snap up these talented job seekers, it is important to be quick about the process. However, it is important not to skip out on pre-employment skills testing when screening candidates.

Why is it important to assess talented candidates?

Even if a recruiter has talented applicants available for the advertised position, it is advisable to vet and filter applications and check for candidate suitability. Taking the time to evaluate skills, qualifications, and experience accurately is inordinately useful for hiring companies as they get to make informed decisions when choosing the final candidate. Some companies ask for the services of a Global PEO to outsource recruitment and hire the best talent possible wherever it is. Through their PEO services you can hire people in more than 80 countries and save costs.

Typically, recruiters’ and employers’ views of applicants are determined by CVs and interviews. These are helpful enough to quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications. But they are nowhere enough to help accurately judge candidate proficiency and suitability without the support of employee skills testing software.


The two or three pages are expected to contain a candidate’s entire career and education history. It is insufficient, to say the least. Moreover, the prospect of candidates inflating their abilities and credentials on the CV is not unheard of. It would be a rude realisation for employers to discover that their new staff cannot carry out their job as they had professed during the recruitment stage.


Interviews provide recruiters with a much better opportunity to understand and get to know applicants. But even there is the possibility of interviewees expounding on their faux qualifications and skills. Even if there are technical questions that help determine how qualified a candidate is for the role, it doesn’t provide enough opportunity to understand the scope of the applicant’s suitability.

Getting the best-qualified candidates via skills testing software

Take advantage of skills assessment processes because it allows recruiters to easily confirm the suitability of their candidates. Then it becomes simple to filter the best applicants from the list and present the top talent to the hiring companies.

Proactive recruitment agencies opt for online skills testing software. It is easy to use. There is a good variety of helpful skills tests. It is quick and easy to procure test results. Overall, it is a great value for money.

Online skills tests are easy to pick and send to candidates. Whether it is popular assessments like literacy or numeracy skills tests or the more sector-specific ones such as accounting or driving skills tests, a robust skills testing software will carry a useful array of assessments.

This type of software is also handy for its ability to integrate smoothly with the recruitment software platform being used by recruiters. This integration is significant to improved efficiency and productivity because once the recruiters send off the selected skills tests, it is easy to make a note of it in the CRM software. The skills test results also arrive promptly in the recruiter’s inbox and can be accessed through the recruitment CRM whenever needed.

In general, online skills testing makes life easier for candidates as they can take the assessment from anywhere and at any time that is convenient to them. Recruiters find it simplifies their work and saves them a lot of time. The results can also be shared swiftly with hiring managers, accelerating the recruiting process.