Preparation tips for JEE Mains 

The Joint Entrance Exam ( JEE ) is an engineering entrance exam conducted for admission to several engineering colleges in India. The Ministry of Education ( MoE ), Government of India has established the National Testing Agency ( NTA ) as an autonomous, independent and self-maintained premier testing organization. The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. The government of India has given the responsibility of conducting the JEE to NTA. JEE Mains consists of two papers, paper one is conducted for admission in Undergraduate Engineering Programmes ( BE or BTech ) at NITs, IITs and other CFITs, institutions that are recognised by State Governments. Paper two is conducted for admission to B.Arch and B.Planning. Thousands and Lakhs of students appear for one of the most eventful exams in India, JEE. Every year, the competition gets more and more difficult as brilliant minds sit in this exam to make their future bright. 

Why do students fear JEE?

The pressure intensifies as the exam year comes closer and closer. After all, cracking JEE Mains has never been an easy task for anyone. This competitive exam takes months and years of preparation and dedicated hard work. The intensity and difficulty of the exam are so much that students start preparing for the exam just after they get free from their 10th board exams. Everyone has their own pace of learning, while some clear the exam in their first attempt, others take a gap year in hope that they will make it up next time. Every student that participates in JEE follows a certain kind of timetable or routine for cracking the exam but it all comes down to the anxiety level one has during the exam.

If you want to crack the exam with a good score that will assure a great college then you will have to take care of your anxiety as well because not everyone performs well under pressure and no matter how intelligent you are, it will come down to how you perform on that particular day. Having good preparation will help in gaining confidence in yourself but for that, you will have to practice rigorously. 

Basic Study Plan for JEE Aspirants 

Maintaining a routine will definitely help in improving your skills in different subjects you need to prepare for. Following are points you should keep in mind while you start preparing for the exam:

. Get up and keep going 

Aspirants will have to give every ounce of focus and dedication for cracking JEE. It is very important that they do all the things at a scheduled time. Maintaining a routine is very significant as it will provide a sense of belongingness to the motive you are preparing for. For daily motivation, you can write down why you have to do this every day before starting the major day. 

. Look up at your syllabus 

If you are a fresher then you will have to read the syllabus very carefully and will have to understand what topics are included in the syllabus. You will also need to see what are the concepts that are asked the most from a particular topic. If you are someone who has already started to read the 11th standard’s syllabus before deciding to prepare for JEE then it might be possible that there will be some topics already covered by you. For repeaters, this step will be easier as they have already gone from the syllabus and have an idea about the downfalls they face and what they have to improve. 

. Understand the Syllabus 

Before jumping in to prepare, understand what you will be dealing with. Exam patterns should be understood and kept in mind for a practical way to prepare for the examination. For having desired results, you must look up the exam pattern. 

. Get  right books and study material 

Many of you will be joining a coaching centre specialising in JEE entrance. Usually, the notes provided by these coaching institutes will be very comprehensive giving a larger overview of the chapter. Joining a coaching institute will also help in solving the multiple-choice questions as daily practice papers will be shared with you in addition to regular tests to judge your progress. The basic syllabus of JEE will surely be from NCERT books but the questions that will be asked might not be there in NCERT, especially numeral types questions. NCERT will be the best book for understanding the concepts but you will go beyond NCERT for securing a good rank. Arihant Publications and MTG are considered to be a great help for JEE Aspirants. Make sure that you study from a book that you understand. 

. Make detailed notes 

For subjects like Physics and Chemistry, it is very important to make notes but even Mathematics will be needed to jolt down for your benefit in future. Detailed notes will help in remembering the concepts in a faster manner and while writing, we tend to remember more than just by reading it out. Concepts, equations, formulas, exceptions and every other thing should be mentioned in notes. Chapter-wise notes are recommended as it will get easier to revise a chapter whenever needed. 


. Solve JEE Main 2020 PYQP with Answer Keys and attempt mock tests 

After you are done with your preparation try to solve every previous year question paper. The more you will solve their papers and sample papers, the more you will get aware of the pattern and quality of the questions being asked in the exam. Giving Mock Tests are also crucial as it will help you get familiar with real-time exam scenarios. Students should also pay attention to the fact that the paper will be computer-based thus practice should be done keeping that in mind. You need to tackle this stressful pressure, there is no need to be stressful as everyone moves forward in life according to their pace. Follow your routine, practice determinedly and forget about the rest. Having nutritious meals is very important at this time and keeping yourself hydrated too. If your body will not feel healthy then you will not have the energy to prepare properly. 


Aspirants of JEE Mains you will have to dedicate time and energy to this exam. Weak topics will have to be covered in a prepared manner and every concept will have to be practiced and revised before the main exam. Taking an adequate amount of rest is also very important. Have a positive mindset while preparing for the examination even if you are learning at your own pace because a negative mindset will not lead you anywhere. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

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