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Make Your WFH A Smooth Sail With These Tips

The overly used term for the last two to three years is WFH. However, it is overly used because everyone has been working from home since the deadly Covid-19 hit the world. While many loved the concept of WFH because it saved a lot of time and effort, some are still looking forward to going to the office because it provides better productivity.

Working from home surely impacts your productivity. An Office is a sacred space that has a different environment from our home. It makes everyone concentrate on their job, assignment, and tasks. At home, it becomes difficult because there are too many distractions. 

Here are some tips that can come in handy when you are working from home to make your work and productivity a smooth sail.

1. Set your priorities right.

It is important to have a line between your personal and professional lives. This can be done by prioritizing a particular movement.

2. Follow a routine.

A routine keeps you disciplined and makes you focus on your work. If you have the exact routine of office at home, then it will make you work towards completing the work before deadlines.

3. Learn about tech.

Get an insight into the gadgets you are using. Learn about basic things like how to convert Excel to PDF, because it is weird to call anyone to get it done. You can google and learn about basic things. 

4. Do not move around.

You cannot work on your bed or sofa or just lounge around the home while working. You need to have a dedicated workspace to keep you concentrated on your work and meetings. 

5. Take break.

No one takes a leave during WFH. You do not have to keep yourself in a shell while working. If you cannot take a leave, you can take a break of ten minutes now and then to rejuvenate yourself. 

6. Keep your workspace organized.

A messy workspace demotivates us to work and deliver deadlines. Make sure to clean your workspace at least every weekend to maintain its sanctity and hygiene. This will keep you more focused.

7. Do not compromise on yourself.

It is important to take care of yourself. Good food, some water, and some physical activity will help you maintain your calm and health.


WFH is an amazing concept that might stay here for a long. You have to get accustomed to it, and these tips will help you do so. And you can always take the help of colleagues or google to find answers like how to convert XLSX to PDF.

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