Maintaining the Ideal Grow-Room Temperature

Effectively controlling the temperature of a grow room is one of the reasons why people run from growing cannabis. If anything goes wrong with the temperature of the grow room, that is, if it gets too high or too low, the cannabis plants die. The death of cannabis plants is a big loss to growers so maintaining the ideal temperature of a grow room is very important. Grow lights are used in grow rooms to replicate sunlight for photosynthesis to occur and these lights can produce a lot of heat which can be harmful to the plants if they are not regulated.

Ideally, cannabis plants begin to suffer when their temperature exceeds 27⁰C (80.6F) so it is in your best interest that you make sure that the temperature of your grow room does not get anywhere near this temperature. Here are some ways that you can regulate the temperature of your grow room.

1. Air Conditioning and Air Circulation:

To ensure that your grow room is kept at an ideal temperature, you need to control the air that circulates in the room. Install fans that are enough to produce air that will circulate the grow room and touch every cannabis plant. The size of the room will be the major determinant for the number of fans that will be installed. The fans should not be installed facing the plants directly so they do not apply pressure on the plants. They can be installed to face the wall or to rotate. As the air from the fans circulates, you need to have an exhaust system to help you get rid of warm air and regulate the room temperature. Alternatively, you can use HVAC supplies to cool the room because of the heat generated from the grow lights and other machines in the grow room. This air conditioning system will be of great help especially in the hot weather.

2. Grow Lights:

There are three different types of LED grow lights that can be used in a grow room The first is the air-cooled grow light. This type of grow light produces heat that is extracted through an extraction fan connected to it. The extractor fan sucks heat from around the light and expels it into space. The second type of grow light is cooled using water. The lighting system has a water pump or a chiller that cools the temperature of the grow light. The last type of grow lights are known as Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs and they are energy-saving lights which means they do not emit heat so they do not require any cooling system. The major disadvantage of this type of grow light is that during the cold season it will not be able to produce enough heat to warm the plants.

3. Room Insulation:

Another way to maintain an ideal temperature for your grow room is to grow the plant indoors. This prevents the plants from outdoor heating if they are exposed to sunlight. A grow tent setup allows you to insulate the grow room the way you want it such that you can maintain a stable temperature for a long time because no external factors are affecting the grow room.

4. Lighting Schedule:

Plants do not need light for the whole You need to plan how long you will supply light to the plant. If you are going to be providing light for 18 hours every day, you can switch off the lights for 6 hours during the day when the weather is warm and switch them on in the evening till the morning. You do not have to do this yourself every time. You can set a timer to put off the light in the middle of the and put it back on in the evening. This will also help you to save some money.

5. Light Movers:

Light movers help to distribute light to different parts of the grow room. They spread the light around the room so that it gets to even the dark parts and prevents heat in certain areas of the room when the light is concentrated.

Final word

These strategies are not only efficient in regulating the temperature of your grow room, but they are also cost-effective. You just have to choose anyone that you want to go with and implement it in your grow room. Maintaining an ideal temperature will ensure that your cannabis plants are healthy and secure more profit for you when you harvest all of them.

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