Live Cultured Foods- you should know about it

Culturing is the process of encouraging the production of beneficial bacteria in food. Bacteria, such as acidophilus and those found in foods like koji and miso, are all very helpful in the body’s assimilation of food. Friendly bacteria live in the digestive tract and break down food so that it can feed our bodies. There are also harmful cultures that can get inside the body and the best way to get rid of them is to have an abundance of good bacteria.

New cultures, both helpful and harmful, enter into our system through the foods we eat. When we create a healthy environment for positive cultures, they grow and proliferate. The same is true for unhealthy cultures when we create an unhealthy environment in our colon.

Healthy cultures protect us from disease by standing guard in the intestines and ushering harmful cultures on their way. Often, cleansing practices such as colonics or enemas can wash away health-giving bacteria along with the fecal mucoid matter impacted on the colon.

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What Are Cultured Foods?

Cultured foods are those that have been predigested by a helpful bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidus, or koji. These live cultures reside on the villi, small fingerlike projections that extend from the intestinal walls. The greater the surface area of the villi, the more room there is for healthy cultures to live there. The helpful bacteria that reside in our bodies originally got there through our mother’s milk (if we were breast-fed). Cultured foods are live foods.

Final words

It is important to continually reintroduce healthy bacteria into the system both orally and rectally when following a colon therapy program. Fasting can also deplete the active cultures living in our system, so it is important to reintroduce cultures into the system after long water or dry fasts. How to Culture Food Cultured foods can be created by using a starter or by creating the ideal environment for healthy cultures

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