Know the Road Rules & Rent Car in Dubai

You can excellently explore Dubai vast landscape with a rental car. In much of the country, the road network is well developed so that numerous noteworthy destinations can be easily reached by car. The roads in Dubai are long. To enjoy long journeys in a relaxed way, one should opt for a large and comfortable car. If you also want to drive on the unpaved roads of the outback, you should choose a vehicle with a four-wheel drive. The best way to master unfamiliar left-hand traffic is to book an automatic car. Then you can concentrate entirely on the traffic.

Car Rent Safely
Do you want to rent a car Dubai for your comfort? Most rental cars in Dubai are fully roadworthy. Nevertheless, you should test the full vehicle lighting before your first drive. Don’t forget the brake indicators and lights. And does a quick brake test in the car rental parking lot.
There are some primary things to contemplate before renting a car.

Pay attention to any visible scratches, take pictures if necessary and notify your agent immediately. Check mile on the odometer; an ideal rental car will drive less than 25 000 miles. Check the fuel tank, especially if the company has agreed to provide you with a total supply. These measures will help you avoid unnecessary expenses when returning the car.

Check the car tires
If you are dissatisfied with the air pressure or the condition of the tires, feel free to change. Check that the GPS is working and that the USB cables are correctly connected to your phone. Like the rest of the UAE, Dubai has hot weather, which can be inconvenient for hot cars. Be sure to check the air conditioning!
Before you agree to rent a car, we offer a test drive to see if the trip is convenient.

Road rules in Dubai

1. Driving private transport:

If you are not a homeowner of the United Arab Emirates, it is forbidden to drive a private car borrowed from a friend or relative in the region. Instead, you will need to use public transport, hire a taxi or car for your trip.

2. Check before crossing the border:

Although the country’s highways connect it with neighboring Oman and Saudi Arabia, confusion is growing; renting a car outside the country is prohibited. Some vehicles do not have proper travel licenses between countries within the country, so it is best to check these restrictions before travelling in a car outside Dubai.

3. No speed or stabilization:

It is known that drivers drive at high speeds on the vast highways of Dubai, but that does not mean that you must follow it. The speed limit is 50-80 kmph in urban areas and 100-120 kmph on highways. In addition, seat belts are mandatory for everyone in the car and children under 12 are not allowed to sit in front. If you find that you are speeding or violating any of these rules, the traffic police may fine you on the spot. Dubai has installed radar to control speed on its highways.

4. Keep your documents with you:

In such a situation, it is much appreciated to store all the necessary documents in the car like registration documents, insurance proof and identity card in the car, courtesy of UAE, much appreciated.

5. Stay calm:

It is advisable to always remain calm in case of an accident or misunderstanding on the road. Expression of anger and obscenity is not only rude; it is also considered a crime, which can lead to imprisonment or huge fines.

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