Interesting Entertainment Ideas for Religious Events

Celebrating your religious belief has looked and sounded pretty one-toned lately.  Either someone will have the choir sing, or piano and organ music will play in a family gathering background.  Although this can be fun and high energy, people get exhausted with these same performances that pop up more often than not.

It doesn’t have to be boring!

Here are some of the most exciting and fun religious entertainment options for any party.

Gospel Singers

Gospel music is an influential and profoundly historical genre.  Performers spend their whole lives perfecting their voices and work hard to bring worshippers into the emotions and feelings they want.  Historically a black American style of music, this type of performance is perfect for family gatherings and reunions.  It’s unlike anything most parties would have and offer something profoundly unique and spiritual that will let your partygoers feel nostalgic and inspired.  If you want to blow away your guests and feel changed and more open as a person, consider having gospel singers perform at your next event.  

Christian Rappers

Christian rap isn’t as uncommon as it used to be.  Many performers are rising with their congregations and dropping bars in the name of Christ.  The most incredible Christian rappers are even willing to perform for smaller gatherings so that they can spread the word and celebrate with fellow believers.  Although some Christian rap can be vague and keep a godly feeling without being too direct about what it’s about, most of this genre is strict about giving praise and being openly religious.  The upbeat tempos, quick lyrics, and fun attitude make this the perfect performance for a teen’s party or a graduation celebration.  Make sure you grab a performer’s signature before they hit it big!

Hired Hazzan

Although hazzan performers are best known for reading a good book during ceremonies, you can also hire these Hebrew singers to host a party or celebration.  Their unique vocals are both stirring and reverent, with the reflections and smooth transitions in pitch creating an echo in even the most crowded rooms.  Some of these performers can make current and fun songs sound old and religious without any effort beyond their incredible skill.  Some won’t feel comfortable with this, and you must respect their boundaries and try not to request more than they’re willing to give: which is already a lot.

Halal Acapella

Although instruments are seen as haram and not allowed in many Muslim communities, that doesn’t mean music is banned!  There’s a deep and beautiful history of Muslim acapella singers, and they’re widely available for hire.  You can enjoy a halal experience as these performers sing anything from religious music to modern music, with any instrument player’s skill and creativity.  Make sure when you’re hiring these performers that you ask what they specialize in and what they’d be willing to perform for you.  There’s nothing wrong with shopping around to find the group that perfectly suits what you want.

Although you don’t have to have singers at your party, there’s something about singing the spoken word that can leave people extraordinarily moved and reverent.

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