Hybrid or Classic Lashes Which are best?

Lashes can be lengthened and given volume through a cosmetic procedure that has become extremely popular in recent years. If you’re considering trying them, you probably aren’t sure what you need, mainly because you do not understand what classic and hybrid lashes are and how they differ and which one is best for you.

Classic Lashes

This is one of the most popular lashes in the world, as their name suggests. This simple technique will give you a lush, natural look without the hassle of reapplying mascara constantly.

The classic size of lashes is between 0.7mm and 1.5mm. Lightweight options are the best choice if you want a more subdued appearance, you may find all the benefits of these lashes in Vibrant salon & spa article. You could not tell that you have anything extra on anyone except your closest friends. Thickness scales get progressively more dramatic as you go up. As the classic sets do it’s more well-known for supplying the eyelashes with length and shape rather than saturation. Extensions are applied to enhance your natural lashes in a 1:1 ratio, which means you get one extension per natural lash. In this way, the results of the procedure are heavily influenced by the number of natural lashes. For first-time extension wearers, we recommend classic lashes. Most applications take a few hours to complete and are valid for 4-6 weeks.

Hybrid Lashes

They are typically very thin, with a thickness of 0.03-0.07 mm, and come in fans. Thus, more extensions can be applied per natural lash, thus giving a more dramatic appearance. There are several types of hybrid lashes, including classic and volume lashes. ‘They have both worlds at their disposal. Your lashes will become elongated as well as looking fuller due to the 70-30 mixture.

There is no better option for those who want volume lashes but do not want them to look unnatural. On the other hand, Volume lashes give you a bold and bizarre look without a strange appearance. This lash product does not require a specific ratio of application to its two components. As soon as the technician understands the type of look you want, he or she will begin adding volume lashes. The way they glue the extensions in the middle is the way they make your eyes pop. The extension will, however, be placed in the outer corner of your eyes are tapered slightly.

To complete the look, place the classic set across your lash line strategically. The techniques can be customized every time, and you can experiment with different placements each time.

Which lash extensions are best?

Classic lashes can be seen as enhancers, while your natural lashes are the base. The bottom line is that, without a solid foundation, you will not be able to build something lasting or durable. As a result, even full coverage won’t make a lot of difference if your natural lashes are few.

The application of hybrid lashes takes more effort and skill. The procedure usually involves a consultation session to decide what kind of look you would like to achieve.

Following that, the technician begins to design and craft the volume lash fans by hand. In order to achieve a natural and fluffy look, the number and symmetry of the lashes must be carefully chosen, and a strong foundation must be chosen to ensure retention.

The total cost for all of these can reach thousands of dollars. As opposed to classic lashes, they don’t require much preparation, and they’re simpler to apply.