How To Make Short Wigs?

So what is a pixie cut?

In a pixie cut, the hair is clipped short and layered, typically to give the appearance of being tousled. The pixie cut first appeared in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until Audrey Hepburn wore it in her first movie, Roman holiday, in the 1950s that it gained widespread popularity. The back and sides of the hairdo are shorter than the top, which is longer and fuller. The length of pixie haircuts in other parts of the hairstyle varies from 1/2 to 3 inches. Pixie haircuts are simple to maintain and can be dressed up for special events or worn simply. There are several ways you may wear this haircut to make it really yours!

What pixie cut works best for your face shape?

The Oval

The optimum face shape is oval-shaped. They can pretty much wear any style and haircut without any problems. Utilize your imagination while choosing a fringe for your short wigs, and try out some unkempt textures!

The Round

Use angles to counteract your face’s roundness. A straight pixie cut will also prevent your face from seeming round.

The Long

Part your pixie haircut to the side for balance so that we don’t draw attention to how long your face is. Additionally, hair with waves can add width and balance.

The Square

The shag has returned! The fragmented texture will offer excellent definition and harmony to your jawline.

The Heart

Your short lace front wigs will stand out if you add bangs. Swooping booms are the finest technique for framing your sight. The sides and rear should be as brief as possible.

Temple to Temple

Start at the temple and move the tape measure to the other temple by going around your back. Let’s start the haircut now that we have the necessary equipment!

Cutting The Back

Start with moist hair that is shoulder-length or shorter. The haircut will be easier to complete if you start with shorter hairYou will be removing more hair and leveling things out as you go through with the haircut, so don’t worry if it seems uneven or gruff. Trim the hair near the nape of the neck: Your middle and forefingers should form a V shape, which you ought to subsequently seal at the wig’s neck.

Grab a horizontal of hair across the vertical hair section you just cut.

You can reach the chopped hair in the vertical section by sliding your fingertips down. Cut it so the horizontal lines up with the vertical. Continue to slice sections in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Start by grabbing your head, then go to the left and repeat the motion. When you reach the vertical portion just before the ears, halt. This is not a uniform haircut because you can’t cut every fine bit of hair.

Cutting The Sides

Apply the same technique you used to cut the back to the sides of your hair. Between your middle and forefinger, pinch small bits of hair that are both vertical and horizontal. Completely complete one side before switching to the other. Bring part of the cut hair into the uncut hair areas to serve as a guide. Your ear’s hair should be feathered. Mark the location of your ear using your measurements in this situation. Once established, mark the ears so you can cut the short curly wigs accordingly. Using a comb, place it over your ears. Then use the shears to snip into the hair surrounding the ears. Use the area surrounding the ears’ natural hairline as a guide.

Cutting the Hair’s Top Section

Grab a vertical piece of hair and place it between your forefingers and middle fingers. Including a small portion of your back hair, raise your finger. Trim any hairs sticking out from your fingertips. The amount of length you want at the top depends on how far you angle your fingers. The hair will be longer the greater the angle. Continue angling as before at the back of the crown. If you still have some hair, check the length against some already-cut hair at the angles’ tips.

If you’re Bangs are Too Thick

If you like to make yourself more frail, grab a small section of hair and softly cut short, tiny snips along the hair shaft with your scissors. When you feel that the hair, including the bangs on your wig, is too full, repeat this method. Now, comb your hair whatever you wish.

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