How To Increase Your Internet Speed

This article is written in order to help individuals increase their internet speed. By the end of the book, you will be well-versed in the process of increasing the internet speed of your computer by using various methods. 

You can also avail NBN plan in Australia to future-proof your home with high-capacity internet and faster speeds. These methods will help you come with explanations in order for the reader to increase their computer speed and enhance their computer’s performance.

How Can I Boost My Internet Speed?

Whenever individuals want to boost up the speed of their computer, they try to pick up different unwanted programs, which eventually decrease the speed of the computer. Anti-virus is crucial to make your method secure, but there is an array of programs that cause more problems than value. The software usually causes too much bloat to the system and can reduce the system speed by lowering the RAM space. You may have already heard of the popular saying: “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and it definitely is true!

The best possible way to boost up the speed of a computer is to do it yourself. When there are too many programs and frameworks running on your method, it can slow down. Rather than solely letting someone else do all of the work for you, researching your pc and getting a report of your pc can make all the difference!

The first step in optimizing your internet speed is to reduce unnecessary programs from running on your person. For example, internet sites only need your computer to process the information they are placing and whatever is requested. However, sites request multiple extensions such as Adobe flash player and video capsules even when you don’t need to view flash on the site or view YouTube. The simplest solution is to avoid all these anti web optimization programs and frameworks that do nothing but run on your PC. These programs will usually reduce the performance speed of the pc and individuals would normally notice the slowdown only that the computer is getting slower. The best way to support you and your computer’s hard drive is to run a software that helps you scan your hard drive in search for storage that you aren’t using for a while. Also, the software can suggest the storage that is used more frequently to you so you can get rid of it and let the hard drive put it in use by the other programs.

In addition to having a tool that helps you get rid of the unused programs, you should try installing a solid-state capacity to your computer. When individuals choose hard drives, they go with the 1 TB of the 3 TB drives because they’re the most effective. However, hard drives speed up slowly and it takes time to get files stuck into the memory. SSD can speed up your computer as much as 2x as fast as a normal HDD can.

Will A Router Increase Internet Speed?

If you want to increase the internet speed of your computer, then it is important that you have a router that works well because this is called a crucial part of the network. As mentioned previously, the speed of your internet connection can be as high as possible just before your router starts to be the problem. When you install your wifi router and start using it, it’s always a good idea to know how fast the actual internet connection will be. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to see how fast your wireless internet connection is.

Researchers avoid a specific wireless standard based on their needs. 802.11b Wi-Fi has a gigabit-speed at 1 Mbps, however, this network is affected by excess interference and is not able to travel for long distances so avoid this network if you are far from the router. 802.11g Wi-Fi is updated with 802.11n protocol and it is able to reach 100 Mb of data per second. Moreover, many channels are open so that you are able to avoid interference. 802.11n possesses the ability to connect by using a maximum of eight antennas, for example, 4 tetragonal square structures. This is one of the top-rated standards of Wi-Fi because of its speed and also sensibility. It is usually used by individuals who want to share a lot of data such as video game players. In case of any difficulty, regarding the Linksys WiFi Extender, you can drop your query in our comment box or visit Most of us are not aware of Linksys WiFi Extender login IP. You can also try the IP address also for login into Linksys Extender.

Will WiFi Boosters Work?

Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi boosters are devices that can help increase your internet connection’s speed. The farther you move away from the wireless router, the slower your device will tend to be able to connect no matter how many new routers or access points you purchase in hopes of improving connectivity. Extending a signal with these objects helps give distant devices faster connections by giving them an easier way to reach out for signals coming from other sources like cell towers nearby (or even just another part of this house). 

A Wi-Fi booster is placed in the second area of your home where it can receive your existing router’s signal and distribute it to devices within its own radius. Without a booster, the transmission sent by your router may not completely blanket your entire home.  With a booster in place, your Wi-Fi signal is essentially extended.

While we hope these tips will do the trick for you, sometimes your internet connection is simply too slow to sustain your internet consumption. If that’s the case, you’ll need to upgrade to a faster internet plan to get better Wi-Fi speeds.