How Much Does Animated Video Cost in 2021?

Animation plays a vital role in conveying the message. It helps in building better understandability and interaction among your targeted audience. The best part of an animation video is that you can easily tell the information in much proper way.

Not only this if you dig into the type of animation styles that are available which starts from infographics and goes to character animation. Perhaps it is hard to find an animation studio in NYC but this article will help you in building a better understanding of the cost of an animated video.

Animation Costs:

The cost of animation is affected in many ways so it is not easy to decide the final price of the animation. Consider the examples of two different videos of the same length. The duration of the video might be the same but the works and efforts put into it are different that’s why the price of the two videos differs. Both the video might follow different animation styles, animation look, and the level of expertise working on the project. That is why it is said that the price of the animation video differs in many ways. Following is the expected price range you will normally find while hiring an animation studio:

· $3000 – $7000 Per Minute

If your budget is around $3000 to $7000 then it is might considered as a low budget might possible you will be getting a simple 2D animation. You will get a very basic animation video having fluidity of movements that are little jerky looking, even your characters will be unrefined.

When we come to elements the artists use the stock element to maintain the cost. You need to keep this thing in mind that if your budget is low might possible the studio won’t offer you the services of scripting, voiceover, or music. For all this, you need to pay some extra amount.

1. $10,000 – $20,000 Per Minute

Is your budget being of $10,000 to $20,000 per minute for a video? Then you might get a professional video animation studio in this price range. In this price range, you can easily get scripting, voiceover, art direction, character animation, advanced transition, and many more.

2. $20,000 – $50,000 Per Minute

For getting high-quality animation videos that consist of more advanced animation effects then your budget range must be between $20,000 to $50,000. In this price range, you will be getting more advanced animations effects.

3D animation sometimes costs high as well but most of the animation studios make it feasible in this price range as well.

3. $50,000 – $100,000+ Per Minute

The broadcast-quality production cost around $50,000. This budget is considered as the exclusive budget range where an animation studio provides full animation service i.e., from concept development and scripting to 2D/3D animation, having advanced lighting effects and many more.

Factors Influencing Animation Cost

Many factors influence the cost of animated video and below mentioned are a few of them so let’s jump into it and take a look:

1. Animation Style

The animation style is considered as the important factor which affects the cost of animated video. It all also depends on the time consumption and how much-refined animation is used in the creation of a video. All these things decide the cost of videos. Following are some of the important animation styles that everyone looks for:

· 2D animation

2D animation is considered the most affordable animation style because it is simple and it cost less time-consuming as compared to 3D animation and motion graphics.

In 2D animation, you will get typography and graphic vector style is lower in cost as compared to shaded or character hand-inked animation.

· Illustration

The visual explanation of a text is known as Illustration. You need to give your script and the designer will start working on it in the area of interpreting text into his/her vision.

The illustration is usually considered as the imagination of the graphic designer which they create by using different tools like images, graphic forms, and words that build a connection with the audience.

· 3D animation

A 3D animation is a spectacular form of animation. The good news is that as the technology underlying animation has improved, the expenses have decreased. Simple product renderings are less expensive, but character models and 3D animation in the Disney/Pixar style are more expensive. An animated 3D video can cost anything from $10,000 to $300,000.

· Motion Graphics:

Commercials, explainer videos, sporting events, the news, and other TV productions all use this format, which can be both 2D and 3D. Although character animation is typically outside the realm of motion graphics, many of the fundamental animation principles apply to both.

2. Services Requested:

You can get different types of services which you can request from an animation studio and these sometimes also do not come in the animation packages you need to pay extra for this. Following is some of the services you can request from an animation studio:

  • Concepting and Strategy

Sometimes people run of ideas that exactly what they are looking for. In this situation, an animation studio will easily help you out to produce a concept accompanied with the strategy as well for your project.

· Scripting and Storyboarding

Scripting and storyboarding come right after the concept building. Most people can write the script but are unable to build a storyboard. For this many animation production studios offer you a facility to get a well-written script, as well as storyboard on the scripts, which are also made easier.

· Voice Over

Your video cost might increase if you are looking for a professional voiceover artist. It is a definite thing that everyone wants a professional voiceover artist so that they can obtain high-quality audio.

· Music and Sound Effects

Adding Music and Sound Effect can cost you a lot and if you are in a mood to purchase copyright of the Music and Sound Effect then it might be expensive. If you want to save your time and money then ask your animation studio to get you stock music and sound effect options.

3. Video Length and timeline

The cost of the video majorly depends on the length and timeline. Each second cost you a certain amount. You must keep in mind the seconds you are looking for in your animation video. The longer the video the more expensive it will be.

Adding more Video length not only affects the cost of the video but also the deadline for delivery of the project.

4. Revisions

Not everyone offers revision in the same budget. Most of the studios will cost you extra for every revision you need in your project. The cost of the revision depends on Concepting, Scripting and Audio, Animatics, Style frames, and characters and Production.


Hopefully, this animation cost guide helped you in making your budget for the project. Either you are having an idea for the video or not or you are looking for help in building concepts, the animation studios help you all of the ways. So, get connected with the animation studio NYC today.

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