How Can I save Money on a Fasco Blower Motor U21b?

Electric motors and fans malfunction, and that’s just a fact of life. Granted, innovations in design, materials, voltage, controller circuitry and much more have made these devices increasingly more efficient, effective and long-lived, but there is a limit. In order to appreciate this, let’s talk briefly about how motors and fans work, because they work the same basic way.

When it comes to something like a fasco blower motor u21b or fasco blower motor type u21b, or really any other kind of electric motor, the technology is fundamentally the same. What distinguishes a motor from an engine is the fact that an engine uses some sort of fuel, whereas motors are entirely motivated by electrical current. This generally works by having some wound copper wiring and magnets, the copper wiring being charged and causing the magnets to spin, driving some sort of shaft and performing work. The way this shaft turns, and the way power is derived from it to perform higher tasks can vary, fans just being blades mounted directly on the motor, blower motor sometimes being different using compressive or locomotive functions, depending on the equipment. Still, most blower motors are really just fan motors as well, albeit very high powered ones not intended for climate control.

Over time, the copper wiring loses its ability to produce an electrical field, and the magnets begin to de-polarize. Depending on the fan, or the motor, sometimes bearings wear down and friction can also be a problem, and the built-up heat produced by resistance from turning motors is the biggest cause of degradation. Letting them cool periodically, making sure they can breathe, doing regular inspections, lubricating those that can be disassembled and lubricated – all of these can extend the life of a blower motor, but they will eventually burn out, even outstanding designs by reputable brands like Fasco. They billed them to last, but nothing lasts forever!

Still, if you know how to shop for blower motors, it’s still a lot cheaper to replace them on most equipment and to replace the equipment itself, no matter what most companies tend to think. They are actually designed to be replaced, being somewhat self-contained in modular within equipment, easy to get to and swap out as long as someone who knows what they are doing handles it. More likely than not, your maintenance people are more than skilled and knowledge and how to do this, saving you a ton of money by preserving your equipment and only replacing the parts that fail.

The trick is to shop online with a place like [company name], where you can get vastly lower prices on something like a fasco blower motor u21b or fasco blower motor type u21b thanks to the absence of brick-and-mortar overhead, countless discounts and no Limited shelf space allowing for variety, guaranteeing you can find the part you need. Manufactures partner with companies like this, eliminating a lot of the middlemen and things that drive up price and limited availability. Time is money, and if your equipment is in functioning right, you are hemorrhaging profit, so shop online today for your new blower motor and save a fortune and get back to it!