How Big Are Ragdoll Cats – Your Ragdoll Size Guide

Ragdoll cats are certainly a different breed, but how big are Ragdoll cats?

Ragdoll is a new breed, founded in the 1960s and registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association as recently as 1993. You can read more about Ragdoll in our complete list of Ragdoll cats. Race breed, they are also making a choice that increases in popularity as a cat friendly to family.

Before you decide to add Ragdoll to your family, there are a few questions to answer. In addition to choosing a reputable breeder or any age to bring your cat home, you may have been wondering, “How big are Ragdoll cats?”

Differences between Ragdoll cats and other breeds

Ragdoll cats have distinct differences from other breeds, which are in the category that makes them popular. Stunning blue eyes, calm personality, and the soft coat of Ragdoll cats make them a popular choice.

Ragdoll is intelligent and responds well to training using positive emphasis. As a nation, they are usually more stable and comfortable, even when transported. It is thought that this is one of the reasons for their name.

Ragdoll cat size

Another major difference is the size of the Ragdoll, and we will look at that in more detail in this article. First, let’s take a look at the weight and size of a cat, and then we’ll see how the Ragdoll cat weight and size are compared.

Average cat and weight

The average cat will be around 20 to 25 cm in weight, with a weight of up to 10 kg. Your cat falls into this category depending on their breed. By 12 weeks, the majority of migrants migrate to their new home, the kittens weighing more than two pounds [3 kg]. Now that we have them, lets take a look at the sizes of Ragdoll cats, from cats to adults.

Ragdoll Kittens

While some families take their cats home for eight weeks, most Ragdoll breeders choose to wait until the kitten are 12 weeks old. In the meantime, kittens no longer trust their mother and often get along well with their new families.

Ragdoll Kitten Weight

By 8 weeks, the Ragdoll cat can weigh between 1 pound, 13 ounces and 2 pounds, 3 ounces. By 12 weeks, that figure is increased to about 3 to 15 pounds [3 to 4 kg]. So, while not unlike other kittens at the moment, you will find your Ragdoll will grow to be taller and heavier than the average domestic cat.

At the age of five months, most Ragdoll kittens have a period of high growth, so be prepared to supplement their diet by this time. After this, their growth begins to decline. As a matter of course, your Ragdoll cat should get one pound every month of their life, until they are 12 months old.

Ragdoll Cat Weight

Ragdoll Fanciers Club International recommends that older males Ragdoll weigh between 15 and 20 pounds, and women weigh less than 15 pounds [5 kg].

The average weight of the Ragdoll Cats are around the 15-pound mark. Be aware that this breed is slow-growing, so it can take your cat up to four years to reach the full weight of Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Cat Height

How big are Ragdoll cats when they get taller?

The average height of an adult cat Ragdoll is usually between 40 and 66 cm. Females are usually slightly smaller, with a height of 38 – 58 cm. If you have a big Ragdoll cat at the end of the scale, then you definitely have an amazing family member! Many cat breeders say that, depending on the breed, kittens stop growing at any rate from 8 to 16 months. Here, Ragdoll cats are different. As a nation, Ragdolls usually reach their full potential by age four.

How Big Are Ragdoll Cats?

So, we now know that Ragdoll as a species is much larger than your average domestic cat. In fact, they are classified as one of the largest breeds, along with the Maine Coons, Savannah cats, and Bengal cats.

But Do Not Let Them Grow Up

While Ragdoll cats are larger than your average cat, and their size makes them more attractive and attractive, it does not mean that it is impossible to grow. Even Ragdoll can be fat. In fact, it is more common than it should be. They usually stop growing at four years and reach full maturity. However, at the same age, you should be maintaining their weight as they reach the legal age of maturity.

The amount of food they are given needs to be controlled at this time. Like cats, they needed more calories and more food to grow. The mistake being made by the owners of Ragdoll, is to continue to supply them with more food after one year. That food was to help them grow. They dont need that much anymore, and well, the same thing happens to them as it does to us if we eat too much.

The Ragdoll cat should have a muscular, rectangular body with semi-long fur.  In fact, too much fat is too bad for them. Being overweight is unhealthy for any cat, but because Ragdoll has always faced heart conditions because of their size, the unhealthy weight gain for these cats.

Talk to your trained or full vet about the best meal plan during their growing season. Stick to what the doctor says. Health is good and gives you another chance to love your Ragdoll.

Most People Allow Ragdolls To Grow Up

Many other owners of Ragdoll on the air and in person can confuse you because it is common to let these soft children get too many! Be prepared to stand out from the rest of Ragdoll fans about how to take care of them. It can be frustrating. Remember, only rely on your trained doctor to tell you what a healthy weight and diet plan is for your own Ragdoll.