Here are Some of the Top Telugu Idealistic Songs on YouTube – You can Download these Romantic songs.

Nowadays, Telugu songs are becoming more popular for sullying the most romantic songs. All over the world, as well as in India, there are many music industries available. Still, the Telugu music industry is one of the most famous for providing all categories of songs such as love songs, sad songs, and emotional songs that also supply romantic songs. Here I will attach some of the tops viewed Telugu romantic songs for you.

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this romantic song taken from the most famous and popular movie Tholiprema. This song gained the most-watched 21 million. Besides this song sang Kala Tbhairava. Kala hisbhairava is one of the most famous and playback singers in Telugu music. BVSN PRASAD produced Tholiprema song. Interestingly, this romantic song starred by the most famous and favorite actor name VarunTej, Raasi Khanna.

This song became a more popular song in Telugu music and famous in the whole world due to delivering the heart-touching scene. I suggest you download the Tholiprema telugu songs.

Namaka Tapani

Nammaka Tappani song took from the Bommarillu. This song is nine years old, but still, this song is one of the most emotional songs to the listener’s minds. If anyone wants to listen to the most emotional songs, I think he should download Nammaka Tappani song because it comes with a heartfelt scene.

This song sang by Sagar. Sagor is one of the most famous playback singers in Telugu music and also gained national awards. I ponder you to download Nammaka Tappani’s song.

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Pranam Poye Badha

Pranam Poye Badha’s song was released on 24 December 2014. Once this song became more popular sad songs to the listener’s minds and gained the top viewed. This song comes with the most emotional scene so that people are more attracted to download this song.

Still, Pranam Poye Badha’s song is so favorite to the listener’s minds for the heart-touching act. This heartfelt song sang by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who gained national awards many times. Besides, Yuvan Shankar Raja has a sweet voice, for which he became the most famous singer in the Telugu industry and India.

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Baby U Gonna Miss

Baby U Gonna Miss song directed by the most talented playback singer and the famous director, Devi Sri Prasad. After joining the Telugu industries, Devi Sri Prasad became the most famous singer, and he f=gained many times.

The whole sad scene makes baby U Gonna Miss song because it mentions some essential things that are so mind-blowing to the listener’s mind. I think you should download this song to get the most-watched emotional songs.Read more about Tamilmv

Final speech

Above the glove, Telugu songs are becoming more and more popular day by day. The Telugu films try to give the audience the best collection of songs to be attentive to enjoy Telugu songs. Telugu songs maintain the dirty and obscene picture for which Telugu music became more popular songs to the audience. I suggest you download the Telugu songs to enjoy the heart-touching scene. Download movie from tamilrockers

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