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Five Lunchtime Activities You Should Offer To Staff In Your Workplace

Today, we need to focus more and more on the wellbeing of our staff. We live in a world that is highly stressed, anxiety is high and addiction is rife.

That’s why many businesses are starting to put things in place to help their staff and ensure that their business runs effectively. After all, a happy and healthy workforce is a more productive one. Things like addiction counselling, therapy and flexible working are all being offered by businesses, but there are also simple activities that can be offered at lunchtimes too which can improve the mood and atmosphere in the workplace, as well as make it a more productive environment as a whole.

So why not give these five options a go, see the take up, and take a look at what effect it has on your workplace…

Group Exercise Classes

Physical activity is essential for maintaining good health, and providing employees with the opportunity to exercise during their lunch break can improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Group exercise classes, such as yoga or Pilates, can be a great way for employees to stay active and reduce stress levels. Consider hiring a professional instructor or using an online platform to provide virtual classes for employees to participate in during their lunch break.

Lunchtime Games

Playing games during lunchtime can help employees relax and bond with their colleagues. Consider providing board games, card games, or video games for employees to play during their lunch break. Alternatively, you could organise a lunchtime tournament or competition, such as ping pong or foosball.

Lunchtime Walking Club

Walking is a simple and effective way to get some exercise and fresh air during the workday. Encourage employees to join a lunchtime walking club where they can explore the local area and socialise with their colleagues. This can be a great way to boost employee morale and encourage team building.

Book Club

Reading is a great way to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. Encourage employees to join a lunchtime book club where they can discuss a variety of books and engage in lively conversation. Consider providing free books or access to an online reading platform to encourage participation.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are effective techniques for reducing stress and improving mental wellbeing. Consider offering lunchtime meditation sessions where employees can learn and practice mindfulness techniques. Alternatively, provide access to a meditation app or online platform for employees to use during their lunch break.