Famous Attractions Found Around Tennessee

When it comes to states with a variety of amazing attractions, Tennessee usually isn’t the first state that comes to peoples’ minds. Although other states may get all the attention and recognition, Tennessee has its fair share of famous attractions. Not only are these attractions well known in the state, but they also offer a fantastic experience for visitors.

So if you just purchased some Knoxville real estate and are looking for a great place to visit and celebrate, where should you look? Here are some famous attractions that you can find around Tennessee. 


Graceland is one of the most famous attractions in Tennessee, being the former home of ultra-famous musician Elvis Presley. Located in Memphis, today Graceland is a museum dedicated to the musician, a monument to his career.  Thousands of visitors come to Graceland every year to see how Elvis lived and to see a variety of artifacts from his career.

Elvis left a huge mark on rock and roll and music as we know it today, which is why his former home is so important and popular. If you’re looking to experience or learn about music history, Graceland is a must-visit destination.


Many people don’t realize that Tennessee has a well-known amusement park, but Dollywood is actually one of the most popular amusement parks in the country. Owned by and named after famous entertainer Dolly Parton, the amusement park is located in the Knoxville area. Here thousands of people come to enjoy the typical amusement park thrill rides that just about everybody loves.

In addition to this, Dollywood is also home to many concerts and festivals and has become an important location for country music. Many people believe they have to travel to Florida or California to visit a high-quality amusement park, but Tennessee has one of the best parks in the country. 

Smoky Mountains

The most famous natural attraction in Tennessee is likely the Great Smoky Mountains. The mountain range is mostly protected by Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a park that is among the most visited national parks in the entire country. Here you can find thousands of acres of forest, with dozens of different species of wildlife calling the area home.

The area is known for being home to a large population of black bears, a common sight in the area. Additionally, the mountain range offers beautiful views with natural overlooks to enjoy them, making this the perfect destination for nature and wildlife lovers.

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Tennessee was home to some important battles during the Civil War, and Fort Donelson National Battlefield immortalizes this event. The park preserves much of the original battle site, with the river cannons being iconic imagery of the Civil War. Here visitors can walk around and see the remnants of the battle, much like in Gettysburg National Park.

In addition to the battlefield, the area is also home to a cemetery honoring those fallen in the battle. If you’re someone who is into American history or just want to pay your respects, this is one of the best Civil War sites to visit. 

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