Everything You Need To Know About minecraft servers

To know and understand what is a Minecraft server you must know what is Minecraft first. Minecraft refers to a popular desktop-based game, which allows the players to construct structures in a virtual space. It is a sandbox game prepared by the Mojang Studios to promote a culture of building, looting, battling, and breaking structures built through the game. The server refers to the network of the game via which the players connect to it. It allows them to play and continue with their games easily and without any problems. It is to be noted that some games don’t work in areas their servers don’t have access to or they are not present.

Different types of minecraft servers

There are different types of Minecraft servers that exist, and one can distinguish between them through the functionality they provide. No two servers are the same, and, frequently, people might not be able to distinguish between different archetype servers. They are different in terms of the gameplay and features they offer, but it might be the case that one finds them similar, especially someone who does not know about them. Servers rely on the use of map editors or creative modes in the game to build custom maps for different players..

Different types of servers in Minecraft

Some of the main types of minecraft servers include the following:

  1. The survival type of servers use survival mode and are similar to the anarchy-type servers, except for the fact that they have rules against griefing and exploiting resources.
  2. The creative type of servers is used in creative mode only and allows the players to be creative. One drawback of this type of server is that the products are always limited and one has access to a limited plot size. This is performed to prevent griefing and excessive lag spikes.
  3. Minigame servers include the concept of hosting minigames for the players.
  4. The anarchy type of servers could be guessed as adult-type of servers as there is no limit on griefing, exploiting, or use of vulgar language.
  5. Faction type of servers includes the use of survival skills. The benefit they offer is that any untrusted player is not allowed to build on your land.
  6. Privately owned servers offer the benefit of privacy and allow players that you add as friends only.
  7. Another type of minecrafts servers is the play-to-win type of server, which is not very common as it violates the game’s policies. It allows purchase-related advantages and one can buy the ranks and other items for real-world money. It allows you to buy progress with money.


As mentioned above there are many types of minecraft servers that have their benefits. One can access or create the servers based on their choice and the type of advantages they want to claim at the moment. There are various tools for the players to be able to manage as well as host the servers.

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