Do sleep-enhancing blankets really work?

It’s past midnight and you’re still tossing and turning in bed without falling asleep? A weighted blanket might just be the answer to your insomnia problem. But how to choose this accessory, lauded by some, to finally find a restful sleep (critical to our health and mental balance)? Below are the results of our weighted blanket test.

Sleep disorders affect many people, and you may have trouble falling asleep or insomnia. The French are sleeping worse and worse, according to the Public Health Barometer’s sleep survey! On average we sleep less than 6 hours 42 hours a night. In 2017, 13.9% of adults even suffered from chronic insomnia (source: And this deterioration in sleep quality can have serious consequences. Lack of sleep effectively reduces daytime alertness, increases irritability, and disrupts the quality of life and work.

The results are clear: We wake up exhausted, and we accumulate more fatigue that will prevent us from falling asleep again the next night. Stress is the most common cause of difficulty falling asleep: our minds can’t calm down, our thoughts are racing, and we can’t shut down our brains. If one of the solutions to finding a calm and quality sleep is a weighted blanket?

We decided to test the effectiveness of this product for sleep and review it. result? As you can see, very positive…

What is a weighted blanket?

As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is a special blanket sewn with weights. This makes them heavier than regular blankets. To be effective, a weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight. For a person weighing 80 kg, this means that a painopeitto should weigh 8 kg. to touch? No, no, no, don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you!

How do weighted blankets work?

At first glance, it may look comfortable. However, applying pressure in an even manner over the entire body precisely allows for deep relaxation. The reason is science: When the weight of the blanket is distributed throughout the body, we produce two hormones that produce feelings of well-being:

Serotonin, or the happy hormone, suppresses stress and fights internal tension.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that prepares the body for sleep.

Do Weighted Blankets Really Help You Sleep Better?

The testers on our team (Ann-Kathrin and myself, who have been having trouble sleeping) decided to try a weighted blanket, more specifically the Gravite model on Amazon as well as the weighted blanket from Emma Matelas. Given her height and physique, Ann-Kathrin opted for the 4kg Gravite model. The duvet’s weight is due to the filling of hypoallergenic microbeads and is designed to suit those who are prone to reactions. To the touch, the blanket is very soft and the cover is made of velvet and wool fabric. In my case, I was able to test Emma Matelas’s weighted blanket models up to 7kg. You can visit this site moviesverse for more information. For more information visit this site fresherslive

Gravity blanket

This weighted blanket is designed to make sleep easier: it relaxes and soothes the body. This duvet is a medical device that stimulates deep receptors in the body. Made entirely in Poland, Gravity brand products are of high quality and are available in a variety of densities. Positive point: it goes into the washing machine.

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Emma Mattress Weighted Blanket

The Emma Mattress Weighted Blanket is also designed to have the best night possible. The weight is distributed over the entire surface of the blanket, making it very comfortable. It measures 150cm x 200cm, making it ideal to put on a bed sheet or duvet.

We tried: Sleeping with a heavy blanket

First impression? “Yes, but it’s hard!” 

  • Finally, lying down, our testers were able to confirm that the blanket no longer seemed so heavy because the weight was evenly distributed throughout the body. Although it is more difficult than usual, the feeling is pleasant, comfortable and calm. Soon the body rests and sinks a little on the mattress. The boiling of the spirit ceased, and silence fell. Breathing is deeper and fuller. After a few nights, the results became clear: it was easier to fall asleep and sleep deeper!
  • Cons: Heavy objects can slip into the lid, and if you’re on the move, you’ll quickly notice that the weights are unevenly distributed.
  • Another point to highlight is not to be ignored: price. Indeed, depending on the weight chosen, the cover can cost quite a bit. However, if you suffer from chronic sleep problems, this can be a real investment. Because restful sleep is simply priceless.

Choose an Inexpensive Weighted Blanket

Luckily for those who are still hesitant or looking for a good model that isn’t too expensive, there are some heavyweight blankets that are highly rated and come on a budget. They are all priced under 100 euros!

Dreamz Weighted Blanket

Available in a variety of weights from 2kg to 8kg and comes with a bamboo cover. The Oeko-Tex certification of the fabric guarantees that there are no chemicals in the material, making it ideal for sensitive skin and better for the environment. Consists of 7 layers for better comfort without being too hot: pleasant in summer and winter. Machine washable! The brand also offers models suitable for children.

Zzznest Weighted Blanket

Available in two weights: 7kg and 9kg. Allow your body to feel completely relaxed. Suitable for those who are stressed or anxious. Helps relax and helps improve concentration. Sturdy and durable edging, dense seam to prevent beads from slipping, glass beads do not sink, non-toxic glass beads.

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