Displaying Your Student’s Art, Awards, and More

As a parent, it feels like our kids generate a never-ending supply of artwork, awards, and mementos. It’s hard to know what to do with all of it!

How can you display your child’s accomplishments in such a way that honors their work while not taking over your house? Here are some useful ideas for displaying your student’s art and other accomplishments.

Have a Rotating Display

As a parent, it can be tempting to keep every piece of your child’s artwork and schoolwork. However, this can quickly lead to a cluttered house.

A better solution is to have a rotating display, where the most recent creation is always on view. This way, you can still celebrate your child’s achievements while keeping their artwork contained.

Where can you put a rotating display? Consider using a bulletin board or a large picture frame. This way, you can switch out pieces regularly without taking up too much space.

Consider Non-Visual Ways to Celebrate Accomplishments

Our kids love to be celebrated. Whether it’s a big accomplishment or a small one, they appreciate being recognized for their hard work.

However, not every accomplishment needs a long-term display. For example, an A on an exam can be celebrated with a simple treat like ice cream, while making the honor roll can be celebrated with a special dinner. These celebrations are fun and meaningful, but they won’t take up space in your home.

So next time your child does something worthy of celebration, think about what will mean the most to them in the moment!

Create “Best Of” Scrapbooks

At the end of a school year, it can be tough to decide what to do with all of your child’s artwork and school papers. One way to handle the influx of papers is to create a “best of” scrapbook. This can be a fun project for you and your child to work on together.

Simply go through all of the papers and decide which ones are the best examples of their work. Then, put those papers in the scrapbook, adding any special notes or memories that you have about them.

Not only will this help to clear out space so you can be ready for the next year, but it will also give you a chance to cherish your child’s accomplishments. Over time, these scrapbooks will become precious mementos that you can look back on and enjoy.

A Safe Place to Store Priceless Mementos

Although all of your child’s artwork and important life mementos are priceless and irreplaceable, you can choose a few representative items to place in a fireproof safe. That way, if something happens, you’ll still have some items to cherish. 

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Enjoy Your Student’s Accomplishments

Take a deep breath and remember that your child’s mountain of paperwork is really a sign of their success. As you celebrate all they’ve accomplished this fall, be sure to document it in a meaningful way so that years from now, you can look back on these accomplishments with pride.

Enjoy the journey!