Detailed Review of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

This is an all electric crossover with an attention grabbing design and instantaneous acceleration. This model exquisitely blends the past with the future. It is undoubtedly the automaker’s pony car but with a twist, it is fueled entirely by electricity. 

It comes with two different battery sizes and rear or all wheel drives. According to Ford, the crossover offers 305 miles of driving range with the rear wheel drive and extended battery. This is how it gained the Editor’s Choice award.

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It is a five seater vehicle loaded with modern features and advanced technology. CarSwitch, the go-to place to buy used cars in Dubai, is here to show you this crossover in full detail. 

Engine and Performance

There is a choice of either the standard range 75.7 kWh (68 is usable) battery or an extended range 98.8 kWh (88 is usable) package. Both of them feed the electric motor located at the two or rear axles. 

The latter combo forms an all wheel drive whereas the motors of sporty GT and GT Performance models churn out 480 horses and 634 Nm of torque. According to Ford, this will deliver the Mach-E GT Performance from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. 

The wheels range in size from 18 to 20 inches which are supported by adaptive dampers for adjustable ride quality. It is definitely better to drive than other mainstream crossovers. 

The range topping Mustang Mach-E boasts an EPA estimated range of 270 miles with the all wheel drive and extended battery. However, more ranges can be achieved by varying the equipment and model. 

Charging and battery

According to EPA estimated figures, the 2021 Mustang Mach-E boasts a range between 211 and 305 miles. Although, this depends on the type of electric motor and battery pack. 

Each model is equipped with fast charging capability and a Ford mobile charger which can add 30 miles of range each night using a 120 volt outlet and 80% of battery life throughout the night with a 240 volt outlet. 

Moreover, the Ford charge station is also available online and installed by certified electricians. This has the ability to replenish 32 miles each hour and recharge the complete battery overnight. 

Cabin and comfort

The crossover’s battery is situated underneath the floor of the vehicle. This allows an increase in the passenger and cargo space. Unlike the exterior, the vehicle has almost no similarity with the regular Mustang. 

It displays a streamlined dash mounted by a massive vertically touchscreen and a handsome digital gauge cluster. Numerous worthy features are offered such as heated front seats, customizable elegant interior lighting, a panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, a heated steering wheel and so many more. 

A floating, flip-up armrest at the center console allows you to store belongings between the front seat passengers. The front trunk is constructed with durable plastic which can be washed and then drained. 

This allows the storing of messy materials and ice. As for the cargo space, it is 29 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 60 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. 

When it comes to infotainment, there is Ford’s trademark next generation SYNC system which utilizes machine learning to completely customize the driver’s experience. 

Presently, it supports 3 driver profiles and one guest only. The software is operated with a vertically mounted 15.5 inches touchscreen which allows easy access to the system’s variety of features and apps. 

The advantage of this system is that the brand will release over-the-air updates through time and consistently refining the system and adding fresh content. Some of the best features are a mobile WiFi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a Bang Olufsen Audio system.

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Safety tech

Versatile driver assistance functions are offered as well which increases safety and engagement. Some of the key features are blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automated emergency braking, lane keeping assistance and rear cross traffic alert.


Apart from this, a limited warranty covers 36,000 miles and the powertrain warranty covers 60,000 miles. There is no complimentary scheduled maintenance but the electric components are covered with the maintenance of 100,000 miles. 

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