Climate Change Action: A Need of the Modern World

The world needs an action plan to prevent the disastrous effects of global warming creating a scenario where future generations are at a greater risk of floods, famines, and natural disasters from becoming more prominent.

Thus, the climate change action plan was put into place as part of the effort by various governments and countries around the world to decrease and possibly reverse the damaging effects that climate change poses to the future of the planet.

What is the UN Climate Change Action Plan?

Under the UN climate change action plan, a number of countries came together to pledge their support towards reducing their overall carbon footprint on the planet’s atmosphere.

Countries agreed towards reducing their dependence on traditional sources of energy like fossil fuels and switching towards renewable sources like wind, and solar energy, which are more sustainable sources of energy without the damaging effects that the burning of fossil fuels has on the planet.

There are 17 sustainable development goals as part of the plan. However, there are 5 of them that are absolutely critical for countries to implement to make the plan a success.

Listed below are 5 of the most crucial points under the climate change action plan!

  • Strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to disasters related to climate
  • Integrating climate change-related measures in planning and policymaking
  • Building knowledge and capacity to meet climate change
  • Implementation of the UN framework convention on climate change
  • Promoting mechanisms that raise the capacity for planning and management

What Makes Climate Change Such an Important Issue for the Modern World?

Climate change is arguably one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century that, if left unaddressed, could alter the course of the planet’s future for the worse. The melting of polar ice caps as a direct result of the rising temperature of the planet poses an imminent danger to the lives of millions of citizens worldwide, who are at a risk of being displaced due to their cities going under the sea.

Moreover, if uncontrolled, the change in climate will likely increase the likelihood of more floods, droughts, and other natural disasters around the world apart from the rise in sea levels that is sure to engulf almost every coastal city that comes to mind.

Therefore, it’s important to tackle this issue before it becomes irreversible and creates a real and imminent danger to the future of the planet and its residents.

What can Governments, Businesses and Citizens Do About it?

To implement the sustainable development goals under the UN climate change action plan, governments, businesses, and citizens around the world would need to come together. Unless that happens, it would be an uphill task to put the plan into action.

The need of the hour is to switch to sustainable sources of energy that are clean and don’t come with the damaging effects of traditional sources of energy. Governments and businesses need to invest in policies and technologies that are innovative and further the agenda of moving towards a sustainable future both in terms of ecology and economy.

We must never forget that as much as it may be important to progress economically, ignoring our responsibilities towards the planet will have a boomerang effect, one which will put the entire world at risk.

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