A website is your business’s most important asset. It is the first place people go to learn about your service and find information about you. It is an opportunity for you  to get noticed. New readers, business partners, and fellow authors can effortlessly find online examination website designing in hyderabad you and connect with you.

Having a website provides you with a creative space to showcase your work. If you want to stand out and get more job opportunities, your website is a perfect resume. It can display your work in a fun and professional way.

You don’t need expensive coding anymore to build a website. Now with all the latest plugins, it’s never been easier. You don’t need to invest a lot of money to create a professional and captivating website.

Best Plugins for Authors

Simple Author Box

With the Simple Author Box plugin, you can attach an author box at the bottom of your posts. It presents the author’s name, photo, and information with additional social media links.

You can completely customize it so that it suits your style, layout, color, and font. It gives a professional and neat look to your website on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can automatically insert the author box after every post. Simple Author Box Pro also offers plenty of premium features.


UnderConstructionPage is an easy plugin you can add to your WordPress site. It has more than 280 templates you can select and make them look exactly how you want.

The beginner-friendly drag and drop builder will help you to swiftly introduce any feature. Also, you can always preview the under-construction page while creating it.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is here to help you hide your site while you are still building it. When you are designing your website, you don’t want people or Google to come to your website and see what you are doing. It is probably not looking as you want it to yet, or you want to keep it private for some time.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode provides over 2 million free images you can use, 170 easily customizable themes, and complete rebranding.

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A coming soon or under construction page plugin is highly effective if you don’t want to show your WordPress site to the world just yet. And when that site is built, author boxes make a great addition.

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