Best Android Emulator For PUBG New State on PC

Almost every one of us has played PUBG Mobile or heard of it, and we all can testify its awesomeness. What if we tell you that there will be another part of PUBG Mobile named PUBG New State. Yes, you read it right, there will be the second part of PUBG Mobile, but it will be a better version in many aspects.

You will see new maps, fast-paced game style, ultra-realistic graphics, dynamic gunplay, and much more. PUBG New State will bring a lot of new stuff into the Action genre, including weapons, vehicles, etc. PUBG New State is an action game produced by KRAFTON, Inc. We haven’t heard about the PUBG New State release date yet, but it will be releasing in 2021. 

We all know what PUBG is about, right? Action, thrill, decision making, pushing, and becoming the last man standing to win Winner Winner Chicken Dinner title. Take all this and multiply it by 100, and you will have PUBG New State. The game includes Next Generation Survival gameplay in which you will be able to enjoy a variety of features and tools. These new features and tools will include combat rolls, drones, and much more.

To enjoy all these amazing features, you will have to go to the year 2051, where everything is changed and new, and all you have is an 8×8 km area to explore with vehicles and new weapons. The competition has evolved drastically in PUBG New State, where you will have to adapt to the state-of-the-art-technology to survive longer, and there is no way around it.

Do you know you can play PUBG New State on a PC without buying the PC version and make your gaming experience much more pleasant? If not, then it’s time to know about the renowned android emulator. The android emulator allows you to play high FPS, high-performance mobile games, and high graphics on a PC without spending. 

In LDPlayer, you don’t need to buy social media apps or games to use or play. The best part about the LDPlayer android emulator is that it increases your reflexes and your shooting time and recoil drastically. LDPlayer brings many new features and other things like a new app store. LDPlayer allows you to play PUBG State, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Epic Seven, etc., on PC for free. But why choose LDPlayer for PUBG New State on PC, right? Read the below-given section.

Why choose LDPlayer for PUBG New State on PC?

In LDPlayer, you can find every feature you usually see in other emulators and more. The emulator provides you a chance to join them in their marvelous journey and enjoy uninterrupted mobile gaming sessions on a PC with unlimited unique features. You want to play multiple games without heating the phone well you can, you want to grind for hours without lifting a finger or while using your phone well you can, and much more. 

The emulator provides you an experience of a lifetime and makes your high-performance games much smoother. LDPlayer’s unique features like Multi-Window allow you to play multiple accounts of a single game for free on PC. All you need is to log in using up to four different accounts and start growing four accounts simultaneously.

LDPlayer offers you an easy-to-use UI system along with its classic look. It also offers you keybinds smart keymapping, customization, a built-in screenshot option, a built-in APK Installer, and a built-in video recorder for social media, which makes playing games and using apps a lot easier than before. 

One of the best parts about LDPlayer’s features is that they don’t even affect your gaming session whatsoever. It’s definitely one of the best Android emulators.

How to download PUBG New State on PC?

  • Download PUBG New State on PC with these simple steps:
  • Download and Install the LDPlayer emulator from its official Website.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in with your Google Account (if required).
  • Go to any of the three stores and search for PUBG New State.
  • Install PUBG New State on your PC with a few simple taps and start playing the game for free.

Second Option:

The second option is to go to the Uptodown app store or LDPlayer official website and download the APK file of your desired game. Drag that file into the LDPlayer emulator or select a file from your PC to Install the game on your PC.


LDPlayer is the best choice to play high-performance android games on PC without any lag or ping issue. LDPlayer’s unlimited feature will provide you with a whole new gaming experience you have never had before with mobile gaming.

Playing games like Mobile Legends, A3: Still Alive, PUBG Mobile, Eve Echoes Call of Duty, Ragnarok: Battle Academy, Free Fire give you a new perspective on mobile gaming. You can also enjoy the high graphics without a high-end mobile device.

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