Are you sure you are doing your link building backlink checking correctly?

It is very similar to the real world. We make friends, make new relations, and then live on our lives. But then one day we see a man talking to his kid, “Don’t go to this guy. He has bad friends.” What!? Only if had we checked our relations, their quality, their strength! And similar things happen in the case of SEO and Link Building. We create links digitally, in hope of getting fame and a higher Google ranking. We even buy links from a link building agency (United States). But then we fail to check the quality of those links. PLB spoke to us about the dangers of not doing so. PerfectLinkBuilding is one of the best link building company in US.

Here is an expert guide about backlinks and backlink checking.

Link Building and Backlink check!

To know how to do a backlink analysis correctly, we must first be aware of the very fundamentals surrounding it. It will help us make better decisions regarding it. It is no fun doing things when we do not even know why we are doing this. And thus at a point in time, our brains burn down to boredom and death.

Why is there link building in SEO?

Link Building simply means having a web of related things on the internet. Imagine living in this world without interacting with anybody around but your own self! What would it be like? Utter disaster and near annihilation indeed!

Similarly, the internet is like a digital space where people and companies create their digital identities and then interact. here, websites are like homes and content the brains. They need to interact with each other to create a digital network (just like a neural network in our brain) and make things work.

Link Building helps create a network of related things together so people can surf through easily. Furthermore, it helps Google and other search engines know about what the website is about and how famous is it. It is very similar to the real world where people like to join the communities that match their mindsets. The better the connection, the more famous the person, and vice versa. Now, if you have connections with a mafia, rarely will people look up to you. Furthermore, having 1000s of connections with common people will not be better than having 5-10 connections with celebrities. It is more about quality and less about the numbers. This is why they say that one must have backlinks with pages having higher DA and PA. This is the reason that people look for a quality link building agency in United States. It just helps straightaway.

What is backlink analysis?

Now, because one must have good quality networking on the internet, it becomes necessary to keep checking it. Backlinks must be checked regularly to know if there are any poor quality or broken links. We do this by using various tools available online. Backlink analysis is also called backlink checking or backlink audit. But, it must be done right to be on the right path.

How to do link building analysis or backlink checking!

The ultimate aim of being on the internet remains to let a person or company grow higher. It means that a website needs to spread so that the business spreads. For this, a company must have more quality links. Furthermore, it must perform better than its competitor websites. It is this simple. Now, how to do it?

Start with the websites you want to audit or analyze!

What would you do if were your business have been in the real world? You’d check its network and also how its competitors are doing in the market. A business only grows only when it outranges its competitors. Similar things happen on the internet. Google, either will show customers your website or the website of your competitors.

Thus, start with a list of domains that you think are in the same niche. This means that you must analyze your domain and that of the competitor.

Choose an auditing tool!

Now, it comes to the tools that one must use to analyze the quality and range of backlinks. There are free tools provided by Google Search Console that help in backlink analysis. But the drawback is that it only allows for the domain one owns and not of the competitors. Thus, you’ll miss a big portion of what we call business planning and execution.

There are other paid tools available like those from Moz, SemRush, UberSuggest, Ahrefs, etc. These tools have a big database of links and websites and can easily help you do hundreds of things with ease.

Take a hawkeye view of your company and your competitors’.

This means first you must do an overall/surface analysis of your own domain and that of your competitors’. It will tell you the total number of referring domains (individual websites) that are linking to you and the total number of backlinks these individual websites are having with you.

If you see one of your competitors having better values than your own. It is time to do a deep research and see where the issues are at. You can either hire an SEO and link building agency (United States) or do it by yourself by investing in these paid tools.

Check the DA and PA scores of your backlinks and those of competitors.

The next step is to check the quality of your backlinks. For this, every other tool has a slightly different procedure. But generally, a list will appear with all the backlinks you have and different filter options to sort the results. Check for the broken links and spam links. You’d want to counter these off. Treat the broken links and remove the spam links from indexing by using Google Disavow Tool.

The better the DA and PA scores of your backlinks, the better it is for your website. DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) scores signal if a page holds authority around a subject. It is similar to Robert Downey praising your acting skills vs some Bubujamie praising your acting skills.

Choose the competitors that have better scores and high numbers of referring domains over you. Make a list of all these domains that are linking to your competitors and perform Broken Link Building tactic and Skyscraper link building tactic here.

Create strategies according to the results!

Once you go through the analysis, it is time to capture the spots where you are falling weak in the market. It could be that you are not capitalizing on a certain keyword that your competitor is excelling at. It could be that you are doing poorly on social media while your competitor is thriving at. Or it could be that your competitor has an expert quality content. Whatever it is, you must locate the issue and then approach it accordingly.

Furthermore, make sure that your website has not gotten any penalties by the search engines. Check it in the Google Search Console.

Link Building is an area that, if excelled well, can launch a website to the moon. But it is tough, brutally tough to do so, and further tough if you are unskilled. You may look for a link building agency United States if you have a website that you want to see the stars. Check out PLB. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building companies and it can help you nourish your website towards grace and greatness.