All you need to know about Friends of NRA

Since its inception, it has been 100% grassroots, fueled by a united front to secure Second Amendment rights and raise funds for shooting sports. Friends of NRA events are unique because of the 13,000 volunteers who tirelessly work to make them happen and the generous donors and attendees who support them.

Friends of NRA event has something for everyone. The atmosphere is electric from the moment you step in. Whether you’re looking for that unique item in the silent sale, playing at the games tables, or simply enjoying some good food, you’ll have a great time. The event is family-friendly and features everything you could want, from limited-edition Merchandise and firearms to art and jewelry, knives, and other items. You’ll also meet some fantastic people!

Why Friends of NRA was formed

The NRA Field Staff supports thousands of enthusiastic volunteers committed to the future of shooting sports by helping them organize committees, secure donations, sell tickets, and host Friends of NRA events in their communities. You’ll find committed citizens working together to defend our American freedoms, whether you serve on the committee or attend with your family and friends.

State Fund Committees are staffed with volunteers who recommend funding local grants like youth education, women’s clinics, law enforcement training, and hunter safety. State Fund Committees often recommend grants for youth programs to recognize the importance of American youth in the future of shooting sports. Friends of NRA supporters make a difference through their efforts by investing in the future generation.

Friends of the NRA events have one goal: to raise funds for future shooting sports. Friends of NRA was founded in 1992 and has hosted close to 24,000 events. They have attracted over 4.5 Million people to their events and raised more than $1 billion for The NRA Foundation. This program raises funds through raffles, auctions, banquets, and auctions. The philanthropic arm of the National Rifle Association is The NRA Foundation, and it is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.

Through the Friends of NRA program, The NRA Foundation can raise critical funds to support educational firearm programs at the national, state, and local levels. The NRA Foundation was established in 1990 and has since funded more than 56,000 grants. It is America’s largest charitable organization for supporting shooting sports. You can feel confident in your participation at Friends of NRA events, whether for the fellowship, fundraising, or fun.

Benefits of Joining Friends of NRA

All the events held by friends of NRA are full of fun, food, firearms, fundraising, and fellowship. Let us look at a few reasons why you should join friends of NRA.

  1. You can bid in auctions containing different items like firearms, Merchandise, and gear in these events.
  2. You can meet many people with the same interest, make some new friends, or go on a hunting trip.
  3. If you want to support the second amendment rights of America, you can do this by joining this program.


Friends of NRA is a fundraising program working under the guidance of the NRA (National Rifle Association) foundation. It hosts fundraising Friends of NRA dinners across the country. These events are designed to provide funds for firearms education programs and state and local gun rights organizations.

If you are a supporter of the second amendment rights of America, then becoming a friend of NRA is one of the best decisions. With the help of this program, you would be able to support gun safety and ownership, including using a lower to complete your AR. If you want to join friends of NRA, you can visit Friends of the NRA.

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