All About Construction Tickets in Sydney

Construction workers in Sydney constantly put themselves in dangerous situations to do their job. The construction industry is lucrative but also poses many safety hazards.

Whether new or experienced, you need to possess tickets and licenses for all construction jobs. Tickets assure employers that you have received proper training and are qualified to do the job safely.

Hence, employment opportunities are more accessible if you have construction tickets in Sydney.

What Are the Different Types of Tickets?

Construction sites are lurking with many potential safety hazards. According to reports, 34.6% of construction claims in Australia were serious injuries on-site from 2020-21.

Additionally, working without proper training may compromise the safety of the structure you’re working on. There are six different types of tickets you need to work on construction sites in Sydney:

White Card

A White Card is the most basic ticket you need to enter a construction site. The main attributes of a White Card are:

  • These cards are compulsory for all labourers.
  • This is proof that you’ve successfully finished the OH&S General Construction Induction training.
  • The training includes basic construction work, health and safety policies and management of workplace hazards.
  • White Cards become void if you stop working for two consecutive years.

High-Risk Work Licenses

These licenses allow construction to high-risk roles:

  • The high-risk roles include using forklifts, dogging, and scaffolding.

These licenses are nationally recognised and are valid for 5 years.

Confined Space Entry Ticket

This ticket allows labourers to work in either fully enclosed spaces or partially enclosed spaces. The features of this ticket are:

  • This ticket certifies that you understand the risks and have developed the skills to work safely in enclosed spaces.
  • Experts recommend refreshing your training once every two years.

Elevated Work Platforms Ticket

Work higher than two meters above the ground requires this ticket. It is essential for people working in:

  • Electricity
  • Building development
  • High beams

Asbestos Removal Ticket

It is essential to complete at least one out of these three courses to work with or near asbestos:

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Remove non-friable asbestos
  • Supervise removal of asbestos

Traffic Control Blue and Yellow Cards

These tickets consist of blue and yellow cards:

  • Blue cards allow traffic control.
  • Yellow cards let you plan and execute traffic control plans.

RISI Ticket

A Rail Industry Safety Indiction ticket introduces workers to basic hazards in the rail environment. This ticket is essential for those wanting to work on Sydney’s railway infrastructure.

Benefits of Having Construction Tickets in Sydney

As construction safety becomes more prevalent, tickets have also become mandatory.

Employment opportunities open up when you are trained and qualified for different construction activities. Employers are more likely to hire you if they’re sure that you have the required qualifications.

Most of these tickets are nationally recognised. This ensures that you can find construction jobs outside Sydney too.

Obtaining these tickets also allows you to become an expert in your profession. Having in-depth knowledge of safety hazards in construction is the most significant benefit. It helps you keep yourself safe while doing a good job.

Wrapping Up

If you want to build a career in construction, these construction tickets in Sydney are a great way to start.

You do not need to obtain all of the tickets. However, your chances of getting hired will increase if you have tickets specific to the job you are applying to. Site managers and contractors can help you identify which tickets to apply for.