A-Frame Signs – Sandwich Board Sign Makers for Sidewalks

An A-frame sign is ideal for various situations because it is portable, adaptable, and versatile. Sandwich board is another name for this type of sign. Outdoor A-frame boards are incredibly mobile and can be set up in minutes almost anywhere. They are long-lasting, holding up well against the elements, daily use, and the wear and tear of frequent transportation, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of sign advertising purposes.

What Do A-Frame Signs Mean?

If you want to advertise your business at ground level on a human scale, A-frame signs are one of the most popular and versatile signs you can use. Frame signs are a type of sidewalk sign or informative roadway display that can be moved easily and quickly and set up at a moment’s notice. It is beneficial for those who are attempting to get the attention of pedestrians or drivers.

Different Types of A-Frame Signs

From the material to the printing and the colors to the graphics, sidewalk signs are elementary to design according to any business requirement. Signs carry several types of A-frame signs, all of which can be customized to your specifications. The following is a list of some of the types:

Metal A Frame Signs

Metal A-Frame signs are long-lasting, resistant to the elements, and portable. They can be folded up easily and have a molded handle that makes them easy to grip and carry.

Plastic A-Frame Signs

Corrugated plastic A-frame signs are lightweight and easy to transport, and highly durable and flexible, making them the ideal choice for use as outdoor sidewalk signs.

Wooden Sidewalk Signs

Wooden A-frame boards are made of plywood and are available in a variety of custom sizes and shapes. These boards have a good look and are an excellent tool for promoting attention-grabbing signs that can be changed quickly.

Material Options

A-frame signs can withstand the elements of severe weather. They can be crafted from various long-lasting, low-maintenance materials that are also flexible and resistant to damage. Since sidewalk signs are typically displayed outside, it is best to use rigid materials. The following are some of the available material options:


Signs made in the shape of an A-frame can be crafted from various metals. Aluminum is one of the most widely used and long-lasting metals for creating customized outdoor signs.


Coroplast is a type of rigid material typically lightweight and resistant to water, dust, dirt, and pressure; as a result, it is an excellent choice for A-frame signs.


Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable; it is ideal for use in Sidewalk board signs due to its perfect combination of durability and customizability.

Why Do People Use Sidewalk Board Signs?

These sidewalk signs and curb signage are ideal for temporary advertising and can also help lead customers to designated drop-off and pick-up spots for valet parking. They can also serve as effective warning signs if an emergency calls for their use.

At Signs NYC, we can modify these signs to match your brand’s colors, create them with recognizable graphics, and produce them in any size sign that you require. We have everything, from real estate agent logos that help get your name out there to letterboard signs that can lend a fun, kitschy flair to storefronts. Letter board signs can offer a fun, kitschy touch to storefronts.

When necessary, you can also pick from a wide variety of more weatherproof and laminated materials and warning colors.

Signs NYC can help take the guesswork out of the process of making a new sign that is both uniquely eye-catching and appropriate for the industry thanks to the wide variety of graphics, fonts, sign types, and sizes that are at our disposal, as well as the experienced team of designers that we have at our disposal.

In addition to serving as an embodiment of your company’s singular identity, our graphic design section can assist you in ensuring that your A frame has the appropriate appearance for your industry, location, and the particular purpose it will serve.

Our sandwich board signs may accommodate any spending limit and need for efficient sidewalk advertising. Options range from high-adhesive decals to more adaptable interchangeable faces.

A-Frame Signs: 4 Common Uses

For ages, A-Frame Signs have been a common and effective advertising method. They are uncomplicated, helpful, and straightforward to maneuver in different locations. Compared to the costs of purchasing other signs now on the market, their prices are more reasonable. We consider them to be among the most adaptable products that we offer. Take a look at some of the following examples of their most widely used applications:

Advertisement Signs 

These signs are excellent for bringing attention to your company and promoting it to passing cars. Signs along roadways for advertising assist businesses increase the visibility of their brand names and logos, which is always good. You can publicize particular events, sales, special offers, discount opportunities, etc. The brief appearance of this signage is another reason why they are appealing.

Directional Signs

They can be utilized to point people in the direction of a variety of different areas. For instance, you can use A-Frame Signs to direct visitors to where they can sign up for an event, where the bathrooms are located, and where the available seating arrangement is situated. These signs can also be used outside to indicate the location of parking spaces, entrances, accident zones, alternative routes, and other relevant information.

Children’s Safety Signs 

One more common application for A-Frame Signs is as shown above. It is an option used by schools and other organizations of a similar nature to establish a secure environment for youngsters. You can post these signs around children’s play areas to alert drivers in the area to take extra precautions to avoid accidents. This will ensure that the children in the region are safe and that there won’t be any mishaps.

Restaurants and Cafes

These A-Frame Signs are frequently used for advertising happy hours and promotions at restaurants and coffee shops. They position the signs just in front of their entrance so that everybody who walks by the restaurant can read them.

Which Industries Use Our A-Frame Signs?

Real Estate

These kinds of sidewalk signage are practically omnipresent in the real estate sector. They are frequently the visual of choice when advertising open houses, homes for sale, and other events. You can put them on any corner of the street or even in front of your shop to draw the attention of those passing by.

Cafes and Restaurants

Frame signs are frequently seen in sidewalk café signs and sandwich board signs. They are also utilized often by bars, restaurants, and other establishments. Excellent for displaying a menu or grabbing people’s attention with photographs of food. Signs NYC also provides chalkboard signs, a beautiful blank canvas ready for endless original chalk sketches that feature your daily specials. These chalkboard signs are a terrific way to add a personal touch to neighborhood pubs and restaurants.

Retail and Sales

Using various sales, new merchandise, or special clearance items is an excellent reason to put up an A-frame sign and publicize them. For instance, if you consistently hold a clearance sale at the end of each month, you can use these signs to announce when that sale will take place. In addition, a sandwich board can be used to produce an innovative “Open/Closed” sign for businesses. This sign can be displayed on the sidewalk during the day while the store is open, and then it can be folded up and stored safely at night.

The “Signicade”

In addition to the myriad of other applications for crowd control and navigation, A-frame signs can also serve as practical and branded barricades. These barricades can prevent people from parking, alert them to the presence of construction, and point them toward a back or side entrance.

Sign Advice, Design, Fabrication, and Installation We do everything right.

Sign Consultation

There will be occasions in which you are unsure of what you require, such as when it comes to HPD or ADA signage. Through our reputable sign firm, consultations may be scheduled at your convenience.

Sign Design

Most businesses do not have somebody capable of designing signs on staff. Signage that satisfies your requirements can be prepared by our specialists using your suggestions as a guide.

Sign Permit

The placement of certain types of signs in certain areas requires the acquisition of specific permits. Either we can help you get a sign permit for New York City or walk you through the process so that you can do it on your own.

Licensed Installers

We are a sign fabrication company that is licensed and insured. You can trust us to complete your signage project without worrying about safety concerns.

Sign Installation

If you live within our service area, we will travel to your location and install your sign at no additional cost. Our crew’s competent sign installation services cover many New York and New Jersey.

Sign Repair

If one of your signs stops working, we are here to help. We can repair signs that are broken, and we can also restore older characters so that they seem as good as new ones.

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