9 Rooms in Your Melbourne House Where You Need a Skylight More than You Realise

It’s often the simplest change that makes the most impact. So, for once, stop looking at all the interior design magazines and architecture websites. Who has time and money to make multiple changes to your home so it looks like the ones you see there?

What you need is big wins through small adjustments. And with skylights Melbourne homes can be transformed easier than you think. With Australia’s glorious sunshine you can use light to its full potential. Cut down on utility costs while creating lighter, more welcoming spaces with this one renovation.

And here are all the spaces where you should consider one.

Your Living Room

Even though many living rooms have big windows already, they aren’t always positioned correctly to let in maximum light. So, if you want this room—which you probably use a lot—to feel more welcoming and manage the temperature easier, try a skylight.

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You’ll enjoy natural light until later in the day. So, reading a book there or chatting to loved ones takes place in a homely atmosphere, rather than the clinical feel that’s often created by artificial lighting.

Bedrooms Definitely!

Heading off for some privacy in your bedroom? A skylight can once again help create a welcome space for a huge part of the day. Also, use a skylight that you can open so a bedroom doesn’t become stuffy, even if you prefer keeping the door closed at night.

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Also, for small bedrooms a skylight can create the illusion of more space, making it feel less cramped.

The Bathroom

Now, somewhere you definitely need to manage stuffiness is the bathroom! Firstly, a skylight can allow more ventilation, so it’s less humid in there. Also, you’re allowing in more light, which is actually a health benefit. Mould flourishes in dark spaces, so a lighter bathroom will pose fewer health risks.

A fun advantage is that you can be more creative with your décor once your skylight is in. Even use darker hues if that’s your preference, because there will be enough light, so the room doesn’t feel too small or drab.

In the Kitchen

A room where you want lots of light is the kitchen. It’s where the family gathers before and during mealtimes, so make it a happy space that lifts everyone’s spirits. Once again, you can also let a small kitchen seem bigger with a skylight installation, so it will feel more inviting.

Here, a skylight can also be a safety feature. Artificial light easily creates shadows and often isn’t as good to work in as natural light. With a skylight you’re making sure you can see clearly while you use sharp knives and other utensils.

Don’t Forget the Hallway

Don’t only focus on the main rooms. Why not lighten up the hallway that connects various rooms? For one thing, this will make the home more attractive when you sell it one day. Potential buyers will love the light that’s present all across the home, giving the house more value.

Entrance Halls or Courtyards too!

For buyers but also for yourself, your entrance hall and courtyard—if you have one—should also be impressive. Why not add statement features like potted plants here? But these need some sunlight, for which a skylight works its magic. Now you have the combination of green and beautiful yellow light streaming in. Now, that’s a picture worth a front page in any décor magazine!

Open Plans—Why Not?

If you live in an open plan home, you may think you don’t need a skylight. Yes, with fewer dividing walls, light gets to travel further into the home from the windows, but it doesn’t mean you have optimum light wherever you need it. Have you considered the following?

  • Having more light over the dining room table so you don’t have to switch on a light for dinner
  • More light for the reading nook
  • Making a space feel less heavy by adding a skylight in between chunky roof beams
  • Creating more functional areas, such as a small desk area, by adding a skylight where the light doesn’t quite reach

What About Your Home Office?

With remote working becoming so popular, perhaps you need an entire new office at home? Don’t rule out the stuffy fourth bedroom everyone tends to avoid. Add a skylight and you can have great light and atmosphere without irritating your eyes with artificial overhead lights.

Of Course, the Attic

Here’s another way to create more functional space in your home: turn your dark attic into a comfortable room. Yes, you can create an entirely new room instead of just viewing it as storage space! You’ll have enough light and ventilation, so it serves you as well as the rest of the house.

Where Will You Start?

No need to pour over magazines thinking about your dream home anymore. A skylight can help with aesthetics, atmosphere and even the practicality of a room. Simply talk to a skylight expert so you get it right.

Don’t forget to share your before and after images with us!

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