8 ways to organize a party without crashing

Don’t think it’s easy to make a Christmas party at home as sweet as a rom-com. If you don’t have everything ready it could be a ruined Halloween party and a nightmare with you for the rest of your life. Let’s get started along the way with step-by-step preparation. I assure you that it will go well.

The period before Christmas until the end of the year and the beginning of next year is when people start to leave work and go on vacation. Therefore, setting the date of the event early therefore it is important now, the question is, what day is the best day to organize an event? In fact most people have already made plans for Christmas or New Year’s Eve with their family or loved ones therefore should be avoided unless you really intend to hold a big event on countdown night. But make sure you’re a ‘pop’ guy with enough ‘friends’ who want to be there for that big night.

Calculate your budget well

Don’t invite guests until you’ve established a budget for teltudlejning. It’s recommended to organize a decent sized party of 10-20 people. The budget here, you don’t have to go out all by yourself. But it is an agreement with all guests to share but as the host you may need to shoulder some of the budget that grows on your own. Otherwise, think a little over the budget.

Because the ‘theme’ makes the event fun

To be honest, we hate theme stuff. But I have to admit that having a theme can make the party a lot more fun. However, do not choose a theme that is difficult, eccentric, or more than a man’s friend would like to come and join if it’s as simple as possible, choose a colorful theme. And please be the color that everyone has in the wardrobe like blue-red, green-white, something like that but if friends If you’re the ‘extreme’ type, you can level up the fun of the theme even further like dressing up as a celebrity or dress up as a character in a movie They always make a laugh.

The best private place

Of course, it must be your own home. But in case you want to be a dart but the house or condo is too cramped it can still be a dart. But you have to ask your friends who have room to hold a party? If you’re really out of wisdom it is recommended to invest in opening a hotel room for one night but instead of a luxury hotel Better choose a serviced apartment hotel because besides not being very strict about limiting the number of people. There is also a kitchen counter that allows you to cook your own meals like at home. One thing to avoid is closing the room at the restaurant because that’s not different from meeting to eat at a restaurant may sound convenient but I assure you that it is not fun and not personal. You will also be charged for corkage until the blackout and the party ends by the time the store closes. You can do it at home with the help of udlejning af telt.

Don’t forget to invite your friends over and over

Inviting guests or friends to attend is a very important step. Because if more than half of the people in the work are not close to each other, it will make the job brackish. At least one guest to the event must know the other two. All guests must have the same ‘chemistry’ and absolutely no ‘unmatched’. Just one boxing match can ruin a party. The easiest way to invite is to create an event on Facebook or to create a group on LINE by clicking to invite-only guests who are actually listed. Make sure to set it to Private and remind all guests “don’t tell more” or “ask the host before you invite more.” Then you’re good to go. Because no matter how tightly you keep it finally someone will send you a message saying “Why wasn’t I invited?”

As the day of the event approaches, don’t forget to confirm with all the guests again in case they forget (or accidentally forget) because if you know who can’t really come will invite others to replace In addition, be sure to ask all guests to make sure that “Are you coming alone?” because many people make the mistake of asking this question. Finally, there is always a surprise at the event, bringing a girlfriend (who doesn’t know friends) to bring a child, accidentally bringing her mother, and sitting at a party.

Food and drinks must be ready

Once you know your budget and an approximate number of people, you’ll know for yourself how much food you should buy. It is recommended to have food you can eat two things, like fried rice, spaghetti, or pizza, and the rest are appetizers and desserts in leje af festtelt. If you want to do it yourself, choose something simple and not many steps like spaghetti with meat sauce or smoked sausage with mashed potatoes Barbecue that has to sit and grill one by one is not recommended because if all the guests come together, they will not be cooked in time to eat. As for the drink, prepare a bottle of soft drink. Or mix the punch water into a large bowl alcoholic beverage if it’s wine or champagne, it’s most convenient because you can pour and drink. Do not mix anything difficult. You may also have half-dozen beers in the fridge. There is another method which is a traditional practice that works well. Have everyone prepare their own alcoholic beverages. The host had only prepared soft drinks and ice.

Oh, and the other thing is that various food utensils such as plates, forks, spoons, and glasses must be bought as disposable paper or plastic. There are now a lot of beautiful Eliminate the problem of who will clean up.

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