8 Benefits of Being Proactive with Your Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Whether it’s at home or the office, plumbing is usually only something we deal with when we’re ankle-deep in water! But do you realise, keeping a close eye on your commercial buildings plumbing systems will minimise the risk of a catastrophe.

Many of the commercial plumbers Melbourne and other Australian cities make use of, encourage property owners to invest in preventative plumbing maintenance. In most instances, these types of programs avoid plumbing mishaps from happening.

Better Safe than Sorry!

The adage, ‘better safe than sorry’, rings true when it comes to commercial plumbing. The last thing any business owner needs is to have their business shut down for a few days to sort out the latest disaster!

What can you as a business owner do to avoid bursting pipes? What is preventative plumbing maintenance? More importantly, how exactly will it benefit you? Read on to find out!

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What is Preventative Plumbing Maintenance?

In short, preventative plumbing maintenance can also be referred to as an audit of your plumbing system. It entails a commercial plumber checking all aspects of your plumbing BEFORE anything bad happens.

By doing a comprehensive audit, your plumber will be able to advise you of old plumbing that needs replacing. They’ll also warn you of equipment that’s showing signs of wear and tear and are in need of service.

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Preventative plumbing maintenance includes the following specialised services.

  • Backflow testing and prevention: Comprehensive testing ensures there are no risks of water contamination issues.
  • Thermostatic mixing valve testing and installation: TMV testing is regulated by government legislation and routine tests will ensure your business is compliant.
  • Fire service repairs and replacement: Regular fire service surveys in your area will analyse equipment that needs to be repaired or upgraded to keep your company as safe from fires as possible.
  • Sewerage and stormwater repair: Keeping your sewerage and stormwater drains unblocked will ensure you never have a business premises flooding with sewerage!
  • General site maintenance and audits: Site checks and audits are customised to your unique business needs to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Roofing repairs and maintenance: Roof repairs can be quite costly if not maintained properly.
  • Potential gas leaks: Gas leaks can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and can result in employees and guests becoming seriously ill.

Benefits of Investing in Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

Some of the advantages of routine plumbing audits include the following:

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  • Reduced cost: Imagine the cost of a plumber when a water pipe has burst in your commercial property. Now imagine if those repairs need to be done as an after-hours emergency call out! The cost of routine maintenance will be considerably cheaper than the cost of an emergency plumbing repair.
  • Prevent loss of revenue: If you wait for something to happen before you fix it, you might end up in a situation where your business needs to close for a few days. When you have to fork out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for repairs, the last thing you need is a loss of revenue!
  • Risk prevention: Some plumbing catastrophes are more severe than leaking taps. A leaky gas or hot water system could result in potential injury to staff and customers on the premises.
  • Avoid damage to equipment: While leaking pipes are perhaps not the worst plumbing disaster your business could experience, flooding of your property could lead to damage of office equipment or even business stock.
  • Expert advice: If you wait for an emergency to happen, the possibility exists that your regular plumber isn’t available. That will leave you in a position where you need to rely on a new contractor to save the day. Having a professional relationship with a certified plumbing company means you have access to advice from experts who know you, your business and most importantly, your plumbing system.If You Need More Information Visit mypetnews
  • Flexibility: Waiting for an emergency to happen forces your hand as to when the repair must happen. If your hot water system floods while you have a dining hall full of customers, you’ll have a serious problem on your hands. Regular maintenance allows you the flexibility of choosing the best time to have potential repairs done. You can schedule your repairs and upgrades around your business after hours.
  • Peace of mind: Regular servicing of systems, gas, backflow and TMVs will give all parties involved peace of mind that the units are always operating at 100% capacity.
  • Compliance: Having your plumbing systems serviced will keep everything in strict accordance with Australian regulations. Certified plumbers will be able to provide you with reports proving compliance. They will also draw up a schedule for future services to ensure that your company stays within the legislation. This means there are fewer issues for you to worry about!

Final Thought

Making preventative plumbing maintenance part of your company’s routine checks will ensure you prevent a lot of plumbing mishaps from happening. Knowing in advance that there’s a potential problem with any plumbing systems will allow you to discreetly deal with the issue before an incident happens. Doing this will keep your plumbing and your business reputation intact!

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