7 Ways To Manage Anger In Yourself And Other People

It is pretty common to have a bit of a temper. But anger is the kind of thing that can spin out of control if you are not careful, and it is an emotion that very rarely leads to a positive outcome. Losing control and giving in to it is a surefire way to upset people, lose sight of what’s important, and potentially damage the people you care about, not to mention your career if you are angry at work.

But knowing how to handle anger in other people can be equally demanding. There are many situations where you may have to deal with someone who is irate, whether waiting for a bus or talking to a coworker who has become extremely upset. Knowing how to manage people at these times is an essential life skill, both personally and professionally. If you have been looking for help in all this, here are a few helpful tips to give you better control.

Take A Breath

Try to take a step back from things and take a breath. This can be easier said than done when tensions are high, but it is good advice for anyone struggling with anger. When you panic, your heart beats faster, which means you are more likely to react based on instinct rather than reason. Think carefully about what is actually going on and whether anger is the best response to what is happening.

Listen To What The Other Person Is Saying

This applies to anyone who wants to manage anger. Communication breaks down quickly when anger is involved, but if you want to calm the situation, try to get to the cause of what started it in the first place. Try to look below the surface to hear what the other person is saying and make them feel heard.

Take An Anger Management Class

One of the options you can choose is to take an anger management class. This will give you the tools to understand where it comes from and how you can deal with it without being overwhelmed. It will also teach you how you can respond to other people who are upset, which can be very helpful for anyone managing a team. If you are looking for an online course in anger management, look at what ZandaX offers. Their CPD-certified courses are full of knowledge, advice, and tips, and you can re-run the whole course or the topics you want over and over.

Use Humor

This point is important but should also be considered carefully. Some people will not react well to humor when angry, but in some cases, it can be just the thing to defuse the situation. Don’t mock the other person for getting upset but think about how you can highlight the absurdity or unfairness of the problem that caused them to become mad in the first place. Doing this could also help you calm down, as many things that affect us at the time can often seem ridiculous several hours later.

Give Them Space

If you are dealing with someone who is very angry, the best thing that you can do is to give them a bit of space. Crowding them will make them more likely to lash out, either verbally or physically. Stepping outside of the situation can help to re-center you and remind you that you are in control of your emotions. This is also a good thing to remember if you struggle with anger.

Exercise More

If you are finding that you are getting angry regularly, you may want to think about what you can do to work off some energy and destress. Doctors recommend that you get at least half an hour of moderate exercise daily. This could make a big difference to your mood. Exercising releases endorphins, which is excellent for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Be Aware Of Triggers

Think about what sets you off and kickstarts the anger process. Emotional triggers are not always easy to pinpoint, but there is a good chance there may be more going on than you realize. Phrases like “triggered” and “trigger warning” are thrown around often, but they are there for a reason. There may be a recurring issue that you have not noticed. And if you have a better idea of your triggers, you can learn how to avoid them.

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