6 Softwares and Tools for Professional Scrum Masters™ to Use in 2021

With scrum becoming increasingly popular each day, the viable options of management practices and tools too, are crowding the market. And even though this software may be the ‘best’ can be effective for many, doesn’t mean it would necessarily fit your purpose or process. Thus, to help your process here is a list of top software and their details that you as a PSM™ can use according to your needs. 

  1. Jira – One of the most popularly used agile tools, Jira comes with plenty of features that’ll ease your scrum implementation process right up. Customizable scrum boards, visual project reports, user stories mapping, custom filters, time tracking, sprint management, there are many features that you can use to automate your process. However, as a beginner, it may be a little overwhelming as to how many options are available. 
  2. Wrike – Another award-winning alternative, Wrike is trusted by organizations all over the world. And the best factor about this tool is that it is equally adept in managing scrum for a team of 5 to a team of 20. File sharing, task and subtask lists, real-time collaboration, Wrike comes with the most essential features and is a great tool for you to coordinate and work with your team. You can check out the free version for yourself and if you find it suitable go forward with the paid version to unlock its many excellent features. 
  3. Scrumfast – This is one of the best on-budget options available on the market and is also extremely easy to use. It is equipped with the most essential features and is clutter-free helping you work not only more effectively but quicker. Although it may not be the best alternative for advanced tasks is more fit for time-bound simpler tasks. 
  4. Zepel – Arguably one of the best scrum tools out there, Zepel is an all-in-one platform for most tasks needed to be handled by professional scrum masters™. You can set each customer request priorities and track their progress accordingly, and also assign them stories, subtasks, bugs, enhancements, etc. The feature of tracking progress and its detailed sprint out view are some of the best features it possesses. 
  5. Infinity – Known for its flexibility, Infinity is an excellent visual management tool. It offers six different view options, with the Kanban view being the most preferred one. Some of its favorite features include efficient bug management, an array of prevailing templates, its infinite structure that lets you work with unlimited items at the same time, and the many third-party integrations which make the experience 10 times better. 
  6. Axosoft – While plenty of tools can handle the workload of amateur scrum masters, few like Axosoft are rightfully equipped for the workload of a professional scrum master™. Unlike most applications that try to distill the complicated Scrum processes, Axosoft embraces the complexity not compromising with your process. You’ll find all the essential features and thousands of third-party integrations that can amplify your work greatly. 

These scrum tools can be the right work companion you need once you learn to utilize the advantages they have in the bag for you. Want an upper hand over other scrum masters? Attend an immersive PSM™ course that will not only ready you for a more evolved professional route but also equip you with all the tools necessary to create your own unique Scrum path. And if you aren’t sure where to seek help, KnowledgeHut is the right place to find all the answers you’ll need to become an adept PSM™. 

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