5 Top Tips For Renovating Your Small Bathroom

When it comes to your small bathroom renovations, deciding on particular inclusions and finishes that suit your tastes and work with the amount of space you have can take up a considerable amount of your time. Even when you have a small bathroom, you can still have the benefit of enjoying the grandeur and finishings that you would anticipate seeing in larger bathroom renovation projects.

Whether you are wishing to renovate your bathroom because it is a necessity for your home, or you wish to renovate your bathroom because you are looking to produce a contemporary modern bathroom design, rest assured that whether you have a small or expansive bathroom, you will still be able to produce a space that not only has ‘wow’ factor, but also a space that will be practical and enjoyable to use every day.

The fewer fixtures the better

In order to make your small bathroom feel larger than it actually is, it is recommended to keep your bathroom free from clutter. Try to integrate fixtures that create a balance between ‘want’ and ‘need’, whilst still having the ability to circulate freely within the room.

For instance, figure out what the non-negotiables in your bathroom are. These would be features such as the shower, toilet and vanity. For your small bathroom, contemplate installing a fully frameless shower, a toilet that is compact in design and a wall hung vanity to produce an illusion of more space. Incorporate smart bathroom storage ideas such as a mirrored shaving cabinet that hides away the clutter.

Selecting the right features will give you everything you need within the bathroom, without overcrowding the space.

Utilise quality fixtures and fittings

To produce a small bathroom that gives off a luxury feel, you should install quality fixtures and fittings. Search for high-quality tapware, stone benchtops for your vanity unit, a high-grade porcelain toilet or even feature custom joinery as an ideal storage solution. Also, don’t abandon the bathroom tiles. A smaller bathroom means that you won’t have to buy and lay as many tiles. Consider this as an opportunity to splurge on something special.

If you factor these considerations into your small bathroom renovation process, you will be able to enjoy a luxurious new bathroom, regardless of its size.

Stick to small bathroom designs and ideas

To produce an increased sense of space within a limited area, it is recommended to steer clear of dark colours. If you are going to incorporate floor to ceiling tiles, try to aim for a light or neutral colour palette. This can give the ability to still draw your eye to the ceiling, but without making the room feel so closed in.

To maximise the space effectively, integrate bathroom vanities that include storage cavities. This is a way to not waste space underneath and will offer much-needed storage solutions without being obtrusive, as it will be below the main focal point, an alluring stone vanity top. Furthermore, bathroom mirrors that also include storage are a smart alternative to store those smaller items that you may need access to on a daily basis.

Implement smart lighting

If you have a generally small bathroom and do not have high ceilings, stay away from installing light fixtures that can further restrict the space. Try to incorporate smart LED lighting options that are able to be blended into the ceiling. LED lighting can add to the mood of the bathroom, providing a variety of ambience options and adding a very modern element to the space.

If your budget, as well as your bathroom roof cavity allows, you may wish to consider installing a skylight or a roof window in order to capture natural light, bring the outdoors in, and add a feeling of space and luxury. 

To have a bath or not to have a bath?

It has become more frequent for people to choose not to have a bath in their bathroom. This could be due to not wanting a bath, preferring a larger shower, or because the space is simply too small to fit a bath. If a bath is a must in your small bathroom, you could opt for a shower-bath. This is a great solution to fit into your new bathroom. Not only does this add value to your home, but it also gives you the option to enjoy a bath or a shower, without compromising on space.

Are you after a reputable bathroom design and renovation company to create your ultimate bathroom?

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