5 tips to pass your ACCA exam in the first attempt?

Association of chartered certificated accountants tests is held many times in a single year and this is a big opportunity for ACCA aspirants. However, if you are a new aspirant and don’t care about how many times this exam is offered instead you wanna pass the ACCA exam on your first try then this article is exactly going to help you.

Before giving exams you have to register yourself by going on the ACCA global website and next you can choose your country and check the fee of applying. 

Suppose, if you’re living in the UAE then you can check the test fee in UAE and register yourself the amount paying process is easy all can be processed online. For the Association of charted certificated accountants(ACCA), there are three major rules for your enrolment early education in commerce, your ethics, and, experience.

But, if you have completed your registration and are ready to give your exam of ACCA, studying now but have in mind to give ACCA exam or will register yourself in the early future then we’re here to guide you as to which are the major methods and techniques to pass your ACCA exams in a single attempt.

  • Make logical planning

Prepare yourself for your ACCA examinations by taking some time to think about how you’ll prepare yourself. As a new aspirant in the ACCA, you should not wait until the results of previous examinations have been released since by then you will have wasted two months of the exam session which will be only a waste of your time but nothing. So, after completing the basic requirements of the ACCA test just start your preparation.

Think about your examination schedule, the amount of time you need to prepare for the tests, your work schedule, and your family responsibilities. Try to develop this timetable which is based on the time remaining for the exams in ACCA. Breaking everything into smaller milestones, like hours, weeks, and months will help you a lot in the ACCA exam. Create a flexible and realistic schedule when forming your ACCA timetable.

  • Look for approval syllabus

If you wish, you may consult notes provided by your tutors or friends; however, to be on the safe side, you must always read ACCA’s approved study texts (latest versions). When you study the approved material, you’ll be aware of any changes in the syllabus but this feature is not present if you study via notes.

Therefore, you are putting yourself at risk by relying only on exam notes, which may not be as comprehensive and current as textbooks.

  • Make your concept clear

Consider the underlying concepts behind any topic you are studying for your ACCA exam. In ACCA exams, you’re more likely to earn marks for putting your knowledge into practice (particularly in the Knowledge Module). You will benefit from building your concepts right from the beginning of your ACCA studies so that you can build upon them as you pursue more advanced topics.

  • Put strong effort into frequently asked questions

Analyzing trends from past examinations of ACCA  can be helpful for your upcoming tests. For instance, what kind of questions tend to be asked most frequently? What are the most frequently tested topics in the ACCA exam? Has the syllabus included an essential topic that has not been covered recently? By using this information, you can prioritize certain key topics that you would like to spend more time on.

Be careful not to make assumptions. The results of your next exam may surprise you if you predict the trend to your next exam therefore be careful during the preparation of the ACCA exam. You should use your syllabus analysis as a tool rather than as a means to eliminate syllabus areas that you do not expect to be tested in the future.

  • Answer to the point in ACCA exam

Marks are rewarded in ACCA’s marking scheme according to specific criteria. There will be no marks awarded for seven-line introductions in answers that do not provide any context for the question.

 In other words, it is more efficient to go straight to answering the question requirement rather than wasting time on unnecessary introductions. It is valid to make an exception if you have been instructed to prepare a report or memo in your responses.

Furthermore, examiners also advise students to include a variety of topics in their answers instead of explaining a few points in too much detail. Understanding marking schemes and examiner reports could help you improve your test-taking techniques.

Priceless bounce tip

For time management, concept-building, and stress management during the exam, extensive past paper practice are essential. The lack of time often leads to unanswered questions hurting your chances of passing. For this, you can find the past papers of ACCA exams, and many models papers are provided by the administrations who enroll their students in the ACCA course.

Last but not least

These are the main tips that will help you to pass the ACCA exam if you belong to any part of the world. But, consider you’re applying the main strategies in the right direction to clear your ACCA exam. Are you want to discuss with us more about the ACCA exam then don’t worry we are here for you to leave a comment.

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