5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Commercial Plumber

Most of us are familiar with the plumber who comes to our home to carry out repairs on leaking toilets, dripping taps and broken pipes in the garden. But, when it comes to large-scale buildings it takes a different type of plumber to perform the various repairs and maintenance plumbing tasks. If you’re an owner of one of these buildings and you have plumbing issues, did you know you need to call a commercial plumber?

A commercial plumber works on a number of projects related to water supply as well as wastewater drainage. In many countries, including Australia, commercial water supply systems need to meet certain standards. This is why Melbourne business owners should use commercial plumbers Melbourne plumbing companies have available to install, repair and maintain water supply and wastewater drainage systems. 

Besides being guided by government regulations, commercial building owners have many other reasons for hiring a commercial plumber. Read on to find out what they are and make sure you hire the right plumber to do the job.

5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Commercial Plumber

Plumbing is essential whether you own a large-scale commercial property or you’re building a new development. Commercial plumbers are trained to deal with a different types of projects ranging from unblocking backed-up toilets to fixing water heaters and installing plumbing for new buildings. If you’re still not sure if you should be hiring a commercial plumber, check out these five reasons for using one. 

1. What the Law Says About Installing Water Supply Systems

Whether you’re managing a school, running a hospital or own a large office building, the Australian law stipulates certain standards for installing and maintaining water supply and drainage systems. Commercial buildings are required to have hot and cold water supply systems as well as backflow prevention devices. 

A registered plumber needs to know how to install and maintain these systems for the health and safety of all building occupants. Commercial plumbers are trained to meet these requirements, ensuring your building is legally compliant with the water supply regulations. When hiring a commercial plumber, make sure they’re accredited to perform the various plumbing tasks. 

2. Maintenance of Water Supply for Health and Safety Reasons

Your responsibility as a large building owner is to ensure the health and safety of all its occupants. This includes keeping the plumbing system well-maintained for the following reasons:

  • Disease prevention: Clean drinking water is essential to prevent any outbreak of diseases such as Legionnaires, which can result from contaminated water. Commercial plumbers will perform regular backflow prevention tests to ensure the water is kept clean. 
  • Scalding prevention: Hot and cold water supply systems need to be installed in all buildings. However, if there’s a fault within the warm water system, the risk of scalding accidents increases. Commercial plumbers will ensure these systems are working optimally at all times. 
  • Leakage prevention: Water is a scarce resource in many countries. By regularly maintaining your water supply system, commercial plumbers can pick up on problems such as leaking taps or pipes sooner than later. This prevents wasting water as well as keeping the facility safe for all the occupants. 

Hiring a commercial plumber to perform regular inspections of your building’s plumbing systems means you can maintain the water supply and drainage works at high standards. 

3. Commercial Plumbers Handle Large-scale Plumbing Systems

Big buildings require large-scale plumbing systems compared to less complicated water supply and drainage works of a residential property. A large commercial building requires more toilets and washbasins, bigger water heaters, industrial-graded boilers and more which all need to be supported by a larger piping system. 

Commercial buildings also often have multiple levels, making plumbing systems even more complicated. With all these considerations, specialised knowledge and skills are required to ensure plumbing works smoothly and efficiently. Commercial plumbers are experts when it comes to dealing with large-scale plumbing systems and are equipped to handle these types of projects. 

4. Installation of Stormwater Harvesting Schemes

If you want to install a stormwater harvesting scheme on your commercial property, you need to follow certain procedures put in place by your local council. Commercial plumbers are equipped to advise you on how to get the right license before installing a stormwater harvesting system. These plumbers can also assist with installing a mechanical water treatment plant for safe human consumption. 

By hiring a commercial plumber, you can also get the right advice about managing your stormwater harvesting scheme so it has minimal impact on the natural environment and doesn’t become a risk to public health. 

5. Managing Large-Scale Projects

Licensed commercial plumbers can be hired to manage large scale plumbing projects for new buildings. Having a commercial plumber on your project team from the beginning means you can rely on this expert to detail what is needed when it comes to your construction’s plumbing requirements. 

A professional commercial plumber will assist with building plans, costings, procurement of materials and water supply designs. By involving a commercial plumber in your development from the start, you minimise the risk of serious problems surfacing later during construction. 

Final Thoughts

When dealing with large-scale commercial buildings, you’re working with bigger plumbing systems. Different skills are needed for this type of work and commercial plumbers are the people you call when installing, repairing or maintaining larger plumbing systems. You can rest assured your building’s plumbing works are all in order when using a commercial plumbing company. And, your building meets all the legal plumbing requirements too! 

Using the right people means peace of mind for you.