10 Places in Shimla for Honeymoon couples in 2021

It goes without saying that Shimla features in the top lists when one is looking for honeymoon destinations. It is one of the most popular and elegant places to spend private time with your sweetheart. The beautiful place is located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India and is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Panoramic views of snow-clad mountains, green meadows and a serene environment, everything instills a peaceful demure.

Not only views, there are loads of activities that one can indulge in here, like trekking and skiing during summers. Perhaps, owing to blankets of snow, Shimla honeymoon packages are quite in demand inviting honeymooners to start their journey here. And if you are looking for places, enlisted are 10 places worth exploring.

#1 Scandal Point-The intersection of Mall road and the ridge is known as Scandal point. The place was developed by Britishers during colonial rule, which was considered the place for their stay during summers to prevent their cold nature from the extremely hot weather of India.  You can wear the local attire dress available on rent and enjoy the picturesque spots and click some snaps together as the loving memory of your trip to Shimla.  The scandal point provides you with the panoramic view of Shimla and Himalayan snow-capped mountains from a high altitude and truly deserves a mention while visiting here.

#2 Mall Road– When there was British colonial rule the Mall road was the main street of Shimla, the road was located at the lower end of the ridge. The wide roads are surrounded by numerous restaurants, antique shops and other cafes along with stalls selling handicrafts, jewellery and clothing items. Other than a marketplace the Mall road is a keen attraction for clicking pictures and videos of the trip.

#3 Town Hall- Townhall is the headquarter of a city or province where the authority of the city is governed, same with the Shimla. The Town Hall of Shimla was built by Britishers during colonial rule and represents the architecture of the pre-independence era of India. The Town Hall of Shimla is a beautiful wooden structure with white painted iron boundaries. The town hall is mainly focused on the history, traditions and culture of Shimla City. With all its historical and cultural significance, Town Hall is a must-visit destination to shape your honeymoon trip in Shimla. 

#4 The Ridge- the Ridge is the busiest spot of Shimla which is built along the Town Hall. It is an open area and is large enough to hold all kinds of cultural and traditional programmes during festivals and fairs. If you are lucky then you can get a chance to enjoy the various  carnivals organized by the tourism department every year. Further, the spot offers scenic landscapes of lush-green meadows and forests of Pine and Deodar trees. Horse riding is also popular activity here

#5 Kufri- If you are an adventure seeker and looking for outdoor activities and adventure sports then Kufri is for you. Located at a mere  20 km drive from Shimla. The place is home to various endangered species  and is also a highlighly popular place for Jungle Safari. Besides sports activities like trekking and amusement parks are also available giving you plenty of options to choose from. It is also a great place for sightseeing and one can enjoy the sunsets from the hills here.

#6 Sanjauli- A great place to get insights about the culture and traditions of the people of Shimla, Sanjauli truly is the ideal embodiment.  Home to various annual functions, festivals and fairs it is a great spot that takes you into yesteryears. Locals perform ancient dance and other cultural activities to influence their culture among the tourists which one can enjoy.  The scenic and picturesque spots in Sanjauli attract thousands of tourists from all over the country.

#7 Naldehra Peak- A great spot for spending some quality time with your loved ones, Naldehra Peak is a beautiful escapade that includes golf course stretches where one can sit back and view the panoramic views of the mist valleys and the snow-clad mountains. You can easily capture pictures and lock the memories for a lifetime. One of the highlights of this area is visiting the peak and enjoying their traditional tea there.

#8 Chail– Newlyweds often feel like taking blessings of the lord before embarking on their journey together. And Gurdwaras Temple is an ideal place to worship and get you started. Considered as a very pious spot, the locals believe that whoever comes here, gets the blessing of lord for a beautiful future. Chail also invites tourists for horse riding and as couples you can enjoy a lot making it an inevitable itinerary while planning your honeymoon.

#9 Jakhoo Hills– Looking for an adventurous vibe as you share your time with your spouse? Jakhoo Hills is then a great choice. With meandering terrains, greenery and views that can never be forgotten, Jalhoo hills does justice to all. The Hills offers great views and also is dotted with greenery and mesmerizing views promising you a great honeymoon time that you can experience.

#10 Chadwick Falls- The enchanting 100 feet falls, creates a beautiful view and allows you to take a plunge with your spouse. The falls with their gurgling water all surrounded with lush greenery is poster perfect and paves a path for a splendid environment. You can truly have a great time here.

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