Your Business Can’t Afford To Not Invest In An Employee Time Card App

Although part of every modern business today, labor laws were not that prevalent only 90 years ago. Before 1935, employees were mistreated and had very little control over workplace safety, pay, or overtime. Jump forward to 2021, and we have so many labor laws in place, it’s hard to keep track of them all. 

Due to the complex nature of labor laws, they have become increasingly hard to follow. This is especially true if you’re a business with minimal resources. However, no matter your financial situation, violating a labor law can be incredibly costly, so it is necessary to have tools at your disposal that ensure that you remain labor law compliant.

Because of the demand for needing to track time in compliance with labor law accurately, we’ve seen the emergence of modern software, such as the time card app. These are flexible solutions that can accommodate any diverse workplace and accurately track employee work hours and attendance. These solutions can also ensure that work hours are being calculated correctly based on federal and state regulations.

Financial Benefits Of Using a Time Card App

The financial benefits that you can gain from using a card app come in many different forms. Let’s look at some of the more common ways that using a card app can benefit your business financially.

More Accurate Payroll Processing

Processing payroll is an incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome process. This is especially true if you are calculating work hours and processing payroll manually. Having to calculate each employee’s hours manually leaves you open to clerical errors. While you may think that accidentally entering a four instead of a 7 is a small problem, it is a pretty significant one that can lead to labor law violations and even fines. 

Labor law regulators don’t care if these mistakes were made by accident; they expect you to have the correct tools at your disposal to ensure that work hours are accurate. This is where a time card app can help. All employee work hours are automatically calculated based on the specifications you set. The timekeeper app comes equipped with payroll integrations so you can sync work hours automatically, and rest assured knowing that this data is accurate.

Reduced Labor Law Violations

Labor law violations can occur for many different reasons. You can get an infraction for adjusting an employee’s work hours without a legitimate reason. You can get a violation for requiring an employee to stay late without first obtaining their consent. You can get an infraction for changing employees’ work times to avoid incurring overtime pay. The last one is relatively common and a severe offense that often comes with hefty fines.

With a timecard app, you can document any changes needed to an employee’s time. For example, if an employee forgot to punch out, you can edit their time and specify the exact reason for the edit. In the event of an audit, you can provide the auditor this information, so they know that the change was legitimate and you weren’t just trying to avoid paying an employee. 

Labor law also requires employers to keep timecard information for at least two years. Modern time card app solutions can store employee timecard information for as many years as needed and even provides many printable reporting options if you want to keep physical copies. 

Improved Job Costing Capabilities

Another area where businesses incur high costs is when it comes to job costing. If you don’t understand how your employees are spending their time or where they’re spending their time, how can you accurately budget for the future?

With a modern time card app, you can set your employees up to track the amount of time spent working under a specific job, location, or client. You can then use this data to better forecast not only budgetary needs but staffing needs as well. 

Operational Benefits Of Using a Time Card App

A time and attendance app doesn’t just provide your business with ways to avoid labor law violations or ensure that you’re financially responsible with your business. It can also help ensure that daily operations run much more smoothly. 

Streamlined Time Tracking 

It can be challenging to manage employees, whether 10 or 1000, and most businesses don’t have the required staff or money to do this manually. By using a modern time card app, you can streamline the time tracking process by using the software in a way that aligns with your business goals, culture, and workforce.

If you have employees who work out in the field, they can easily punch in or out from their mobile devices. If you want to restrict employees to only punching time from a particular location or between a specific time frame, modern online timecard system features can help you achieve that. 

Less Micromanaging Required

The last thing you want when running a business is to have your managers tied up because they are running all over the place trying to gather information from employees. Not only does this quickly overwhelm management, but it requires them to take their focus away from more detrimental business operations. 

With a time card app, managers can view important time tracking and attendance information in one easy-to-access place. Rather than having to track down an employee to figure out why they punched out late, they can easily view a note left by the employee with their reasoning. If an employee submits a time off request, management can approve or deny that request, and the employee will be immediately notified. Employee timesheet software allows management to oversee their employees but with a less hands-on approach. 

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Increased Productivity

Most businesses don’t look at time tracking tools as a way to improve productivity.  The reality is that a time card app allows employees and management to see exactly how their time is being spent. If an employee realizes that they’re spending too much time on a particular project, they can reach out to management to ask for help or increase their deadline.

A team time tracking app also instills a sense of accountability because employees are given more ownership over their time tracking process. They will better understand how wisely, or perhaps not so wisely, they’re spending their time on the clock. 

If you’re a modern business and haven’t yet implemented a timesheet management solution to track employee work hours and attendance, you are likely losing money. A time card app is no longer optional but necessary to ensure that your business remains financially and operationally secure. Without it, you risk running into labor law, fines, overwhelming management, and hurting your team’s productivity and morale.

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