Writers, You Can’t-Miss Out On These Important Tools

Writing is an art. Writing well is a skill. Your writing constantly needs practice for improvement and honing it by re-editing, reframing, and restructuring it.  Being a writer is not an easy task. Often you can feel unmotivated and not creative enough to carry out your work efficiently. It can affect the quality of your work and may give you that vibe that you are not satisfied with your work.

Here are 5 important tools that writers must definitely use to ensure they get good quality work.

Grammar checker

A prerequisite tool for any writer is a grammar checker. This is important to avoid spelling mistakes, improper grammar, wrong punctuation, wrong tone, and clarity. Using a grammar checker can help you find minor typos, fix the tone, and ensure your document is correct. Grammar checkers these days use AI technology and give you feedback on your work. They also help you in correcting errors. There are multiple good grammar tools that are available in both paid and format and can ensure you write error-free.

Google Docs

Another important tool that all writers must use is Google Docs. This is an online word processor and helps you save documents for easy access in Google Drive. You do not need to save it manually, as it autosaves any change you make. You also get to access the edit history and go back to see the old versions, which can help you rectify errors that you may have not seen before. It also has good organization and collaborative features which can help you work and brainstorm with others and create writing which is best in quality. You can also collaborate with your editors on Google Docs and see the improvement they make. Using Google Docs is a cost-efficient way of organizing all your writings in one place.


This is a great tool for writers who carry out a lot of research in their writing and refer to multiple sources. Evernote helps you organize multiple things in one place and work on your document seamlessly. You note down your musings for your thinking, and ideas, save audio notes and also save references to articles and blogs online which can help you in improving your work. It also has a great collaboration feature so that several people can work on it at the same time and work efficiently together.

PDF Converter

Structuring a writing piece is very important. Often when you use documents of Microsoft or Google Docs origin, there are changes in the formatting when you send it across to your editor or a publication. This can affect your chances of being selected. Using a file format that is universally acceptable, is secure and safe, and also preserves the formatting of the document is essential.

PDF file format will come to your rescue in these cases. Convert your Word documents easily to PDF files and send them across in the way you want the person to see them. Converting Word to PDF online is now easy, and you can also add an e-signature and watermark and reformat your document and make it visually appealing with a PDF converter.

These are very important tools that can help a writer deliver their ideas in a strong manner. Convert PDF to Word free and vice versa to deliver the best quality work.

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