Working with a recruitment CRM software that supports recruiters

A recruiter’s main objective is to find a great applicant that matches all the candidate requirements set by the hiring company. And they will need the support of recruitment CRM software to aid in their reaching this goal.

Recruitment has many detailed steps involved in each stage of the process. Recruiters must be proactive and communicative in order to maintain a prominent level of candidate engagement. The small but highly vital admin tasks must be done timely. Talent sourcing should be of the highest calibre.

So, staffing agencies must invest in a good recruitment software. It is an incredibly timesaving, efficiency-boosting, and productivity-increasing software system. Because if there is a way to hire better quality candidates and do it quickly then why wouldn’t smart recruiters do that? And the recruitment CRM also ensures that its users get more results by putting in less effort.

Maximum results for minimal effort

As the industry gets more competitive and recruiters are busier by the day, the presence of a recruitment agency software helps improve and upgrade the work system. The workflow is organised and simplified.

Many of the recruitment CRM software’s features are automated which has an immediate influence on the efficiency and productivity level of the recruiter. This is due to how recruitment entails a lot of small but important and very time-consuming admin tasks. Once automation is involved, there is a lot of improvement in all areas, ranging from applicant CV parsing and branding to checking candidate compliance and making communication more efficient.

When it comes to communication, every form of interaction and messages are easier to store and get hold of. All the communication is logged in one place – no matter whether it is an email or a text message or interview notes – and that boosts the quality of interactions and streamlines the communication process. This also impacts the candidate engagement and the candidate experience which are central to a successful hiring cycle.

Recruiters have many tasks to complete as they go through each stage of their recruitment process. One of the more complicated ones is talent sourcing. This is an ongoing process – a task that recruiters carry on with even when they are not actively candidate sourcing for a particular role. And they require the support of recruitment software to get the best results.

Improving the process of candidate sourcing with recruitment software

Skilled candidates are extremely important as everyone knows. Hiring companies want the best applicants to choose their prospective employees from. Hence, recruiters are always on the lookout for top talents.

And they need to be proactive and quick about it if they want to beat the competition who are usually vying for the same candidate pool. Take for instance the recent surge of driving vacancies with limited qualified driver candidates. All the driving recruitment agencies were suddenly experiencing extreme competition for the same small pool of experienced drivers.

For this purpose, candidate sourcing becomes a critical component in recruitment. So, there is a tremendous need for a robust recruitment software that will ease the process of finding and engaging potential candidates.

Most recruiters begin their candidate search via social media. LinkedIn is a leading platform for sourcing professionals who could be a match for the role being advertised. Thus, ensuring that the recruitment agency software integrates smoothly with recruitment CRM software is a necessary factor for optimum gain. Integration with social media software ensures that recruiters skip the important but tedious admin work while also decreasing the amount of time spent on such tasks.

Double-checking features and benefits when sitting for demos

There are tons of benefits offered by recruitment CRM vendors. However, to find the best recruitment software for agencies and to ensure that it is actually a perfect fit, recruiters must check and double-check everything before signing the final dotted line.

Product demos are free to agencies and recruiters who want to upgrade their recruiting process. Those sitting for the online demos should have a list of questions ready for the experienced consultants who will also help to clear any doubts. Such demos are perfect for putting doubts to rest, helping find resolutions to nagging problems, etc.

And that is not all. Reading reviews add an extra layer of ease. Customer reviews can validate what the salespeople were saying about their products or provide a different view, both of which are useful in helping make the right decision.

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