Why Motorised Knapsack Sprayer is a Gaining Popularity in Kenya

The following is an article that explains the growing significance and use of the knapsack Sprayingsystem in farms, gardens and other areas where decontamination proceduresare necessary or for the general fumigation needs from time to time. We look at the advantages of this sprayer as compared to the manual version, comparing their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Thistype of sprayer is quite modern, innovative and automated, as opposed to the manual or traditional version of sprayer.  This means that it has an engine, which makes it more effective and efficient to operate and use.In essence, due to its automation, it greatly reduces the degree of tiredness on the part of the user and therefore increases the general productivity and results.

The following are reasons that account for the increasing popularity of this modern sprayer as opposed to the manual sprayer:

Ease of operation

The motorized knapsack sprayer comes with all the necessary accessories and pre-assembled to the potential user and it is quite easy to handle and operate, as it does not require any complicated training to handle and use it. This has made it very user friendly. Demos are also provided for the users and the engine tank has indicators showing the nominal and maximum levels. This in the long run reduces the costs of repairs, and therefore guarantees a return for value.

Portable and Cost-effective

It is made of plastic and other materials which are very light in weight.  This makes it quite easy to move around. Its cost is also very affordable as it does not strain the financial capacities of the users. The adjustable straps also makes it comfortable to carry around on the back.

Cleaning and Maintenance is Easy

No special skills or tools are necessary for its maintenance; therefore, it presents no worries to the user. The nozzles which are adjustable can be easily removed and cleaned, the container’s inside and outside is also easy to clean with soap and water.

Safe and healthy to use

The design of the Motorised Knapsack Sprayer takes into consideration the safety and health risks of the users. This is in the aspect of exhaust spray away from user, no sharp edges, refill level indicators, anti-vibration features, no leakage guarantee, less noisy engines, light in weight and are designed to stand upright whether filled or empty.


The sprayer’s engine is well secured and mounted accordingly, which makes it possible to use the sprayer over long periods of time without the risks of overheating. The material used is also of high quality and ensures protection from UV rays therefore minimizing damages to it.


People who find themselves in need of a sprayer, normally would have to consider the two options available to the; that is the manual sprayer or the motorized one. From the above factors, it clearly shows that the motorized sprayer has many advantages and is more efficient and yet still cost effective and compared to the traditional manual system which is cumbersome and less efficient. Check motorised knapsack sprayer price in Kenya.