Why Hustle on Netflix Is the Best Basketball Movie of All Time

Adam Sandler is one of the strongest trending personalities on social media. The reason behind this is Hustle, the latest movie on Netflix. On some movie review websites, Adam has earned himself a 93 percent rating. Going by the rate of positive comments flowing on many platforms, every basketball fan would be right to say this movie is the best basketball movie of all time.

Basketball betting has gained popularity

The movie has positively affected basketball betting popularity. More gamblers are installing the sports betting app on their devices to bet on their favorite basketball teams. Basketball betting is closely related to American football betting. The bettor just needs to identify the team or player they are betting for and then place their bet. If their team wins, they, too, win.

The movie plot

The movie features Stanley Sugarman (Adam Sandler). He is a basketball scout desiring to renew his career. As he contemplates his next move, he meets a player and is made to believe he will be the next star in the NBA. Bo Cruz is a street baller based in Spain.

He defies his team’s rules and brings him to play for his team. Their hardest task is to prove to the team that they have all the skills required to make it in the NBA. They finally manage to prove themselves, and this is one reason that makes Hustle the best basketball movie of all time.

Why every basketball fan should watch Hustle

Many basketball fans can identify with Stanley Sugarman. In the history of basketball, many players had to work their way up against all odds. This movie doesn’t feature actors but real NBA players. They effectively show they can do well both in the real game and in acting.

This movie will appeal to every basketball fan due to its almost real game scenes and the excitement it brings. In its early scenes, a fan might mistake the movie for an NBA promotion, but after a closer look, the fan will realize it’s a real movie. The background music in the movie is appealing, and fans might want to consider downloading the lyrics next time they plan to download new songs.

Hustle doesn’t portray the NBA as a professional basketball league but as a business where the players must do anything in their ability to succeed. Watching the movie will help fans understand the struggle some of the NBA stars go through to reach where they are today.

The fans will also understand the great effort the team on the bench puts into keeping the team as one unit until they win. If they make a wrong move, it can undermine their career and the success of the entire team.

Appearances of former and current players

The movie has another appeal to basketball fans. It features players from the current and former teams. Fans will see familiar players like Trae Young and Doc Rivers. This shows that basketball players are not talented in the sports field only, but they can perfectly excel in many other areas too. This is one great lesson every fan should learn. If one field fails, there is always another field to try out and excel in.

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