Where to Find Expert Talent For Your Business

A crucial part of business success is the employees who drive the company’s production, messaging, and many other facets. Targeting ideal candidates is key, and nowadays that requires more than a simple job posting.

Utilize some of the strategies below and you may find yourself in need of some talent acquisition software to keep track of the incredible candidates you’ll have competing for positions within your company.

Look to the Employees You Have

There is no better endorsement for your company than one from a person who works there and has experience with the company’s culture and core values.

Featuring employee testimonials on your careers page, social media, job listings, and other marketing efforts will help attract the right type of talent.

You can also let employees know about jobs being posted so they may reach out to their own networks, letting people they feel are a right fit know about the job. Create an employee referral program to motivate employees to reach out to people they know.

Make Use of Social Media

Places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become ideal resources for job candidates.

You can see a clearer picture of the person before reaching out, which will help determine if they feel like a good fit for the company. You can also form a relationship with passive candidates you may want to tap down the road.

Network In Person

Attending events puts you face-to-face with others in your industry, giving a one-of-a-kind first hand experience with potential candidates.

Casual organized meet-ups are non-pressure ways to scope out potential talent, as well as promote your business. Attend conferences within your industry, and perhaps organize a meet-up on your own to draw people in.

Showcase What Sets You Apart

Give candidates a glimpse into what it’s like working for your company by pointing to employee endorsements and particular things about your culture that makes you different from others in your field.

Pay and benefits are critical to some candidates, but they also may want to hear about work/life balance or how you, as an employer, advocate for their growth within the company.

Keep Communicating

Perhaps you’ve run across a candidate who is fantastic, but not necessarily for the position that is open currently. Keep in touch with them regularly, as they may prove suitable for another position down the road.

Become An Employer of Choice

A company that promotes a progressive culture, finite mission, and core values is more attractive to prospective employees. Putting your values at the forefront will draw in people who connect with your mission.

Earning third-party, credible employer recognition and awards is an indication that your employees believe in your company. It also elevates your brand, which is helpful in attracting top talent.

Use Recruiters

For some positions, enlisting headhunters and recruiters may be the way to go. These people have already done the legwork and can have an existing pool of talent that has been well researched to choose from.