What’s Special About Teak Wood Beds? Why Are They In Demand?

Teak wood has always been a prized material when it comes to furniture. The usage of this wood for furniture dates back to the 7th century and has traditionally been known as used by the wealthy and powerful. A teak wood bed online was the bare minimum furniture even among the not so affluent. For the millennials and the unawares, when you set out to buy teak wood furniture, one thing that stands out is that it is expensive. If you are wondering what is so special about it and why it is in demand. Here’s the answer to it.

A brief about teak:

Teak scientifically called Tectona Grandis is a hardwood tree from the Lamiaceae family. It is deciduous trees that are large and come with fragrant beautiful flowers. Teak is native to Southeast Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. Teak wood when cut has a leathery smell and is used in boat building, building construction, furniture, and more. Wood from mature trees is the best for usage and some of the best furniture is made from them. Popular online manufacturers like Wakefit vouch for this wood due to its beneficial properties.

However, its popularity became a bane for it as cutting down these trees has resulted in a shortage. It takes up to 80 years to harvest a tree for teak wood if planted today. Due to this, there is great demand and shortage for this wood material. Teak wood furniture is often reclaimed as the supply is limited. Also, deforestation is strictly controlled by countries to rejuvenate the supply and ensure its sustenance.

Benefits of using teak wood furniture

Teak wood is a popular material for furniture all over the world. Its popularity is because it offers the following benefits.

Strength: Teak wood is solid wood that is extremely durable and strong. It has the ability to withstand extremes in weather. So be it hot weather like the Indian climate or the cold of the European countries it can withstand them easily. That is the reason you can see teak wood furniture lasting for generations without a scratch on it. Additionally, it is termite resistant so it does not suffer from rotting despite many years of use. That also makes it an ideal material for outdoor furniture too. However, to get the benefits of strength and durability, good-quality wood should be used. Good quality teak contains more quantities of rubber and oil. When this type of wood is used for making furniture, it can withstand all conditions.

Looks beautiful: Furniture made from teak wood looks stylish and classy and is called the king of woods for a reason. The team wood has a distinct colour and grain structure that makes it highly attractive and gives an aesthetic appeal. The grain pattern is straight and light which adds to the beauty. It comes in natural hues of golden brown and ages well. Teak wood gives a soft feel when touched and when compared to other types of wood it looks outstanding.

While teak wood on its own looks great in its natural state, it is highly versatile. It can be polished, varnished, or painted as per your style and preference. Whatever way you want, natural or painted it looks amazing. Thus it is used to make various pieces of furniture like a teak wood storage bed, dining tables, and more.

Artisans delight: Teak wood is a hardwood that can be carved easily. That makes this type of wood a carver’s delight. Artisans love to work with it as it does not split or warp easily. It can be sawn, hand-carved, or cut to make exquisite designs. It is thus the most sought-after material for making intricately carved designs and patterns.

Low maintenance: The furniture made from teak wood is low maintenance. A cloth is enough to remove any dirt and dust accumulated on the surface.

Teak wood is weather-resistant and termite-free material. That means the natural colour of the wood is retained for a long time. Thus there is no need for frequent polishing to maintain its colour. Moreover, since it is weatherproof, there is no worry of moulds and mildew wreaking havoc on the furniture. Its termite resistance property means that it is long-lasting. So your favourite chair, bed, or table can go on and go for generations together.

Worth the money: Most people do not buy teak wood furniture because it has a huge upfront investment. Teak wood is among the most expensive hardwoods and hence that is passed to the customers. However, that upfront investment is worth it as:

  • It is long-lasting and you do not have to change the furniture often.
  • It is durable and low maintenance so there is no need for frequent repairs or touch-ups.
  • It can be reused so you can break the existing furniture and make a new one.
  • It can be carved to make amazing pieces of furniture. It gives a classy and stylish look, like no other.

How to find the right teak wood?

Teak wood furniture can add immense value to your home interiors. But for that, you should be able to distinguish real from fake. Here are some tips on how to identify the best teak:

  • Grain: The grain is one of the foremost things used to identify real teak. It has long beautiful grains which are in the same direction. Along with the straight, long grains, it has a brown texture which helps to distinguish it from other woods.
  • Colour: When the teak wood is new it has dark streaks of golden yellow. As it ages it becomes darker. So, find out the age and then determine the age.
  • Scent: It is also a good indicator of real teak. It gives off a unique leathery scent due to natural oils. If you are able to smell it, it is likely to be real teak.
  • Weight: Real teak is moderately heavy and dense. If the wood that you are checking is light and has a porous quality, then it is not teak.
  • Water test: Real teak does not absorb water quickly. So if you drop water and it gets quickly absorbed, then it is not real.

Next time when you are searching for a bed online or any other furniture, do not rule out teakwood. It is a wise choice as it is one of the most durable, strong, and weather-resistant wood choices for your furniture. It may seem like a costly investment as it is expensive but it is an economical choice in the long run as it lasts for many generations.

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