What you need to Know about Concrete Mixer

The world’s construction industry is growing at a speedy rate just like the food sector, this may be due to the rise in population and the construction of modern facilities. Manual mixing is now rarely used since the introduction of electric and petrol-driven cement mixers. To know more about the improvised mixers, read the article to the last statement.

A cement mixer, also known as the concrete mixer, is a portable machine used in the construction industry to mix sand, cement, gravel and other aggregates with water to form the concrete that is used for home renovation projects and in the building of commercial houses.

Gephardt Jaeger was the mind behind the machine purposely to create less effort and so save time and money during the building of houses.

Fig1.1: A concrete mixer

The Body

Over a long period, you have been imagining what a concrete mixer is and even went further to check for the concrete mixer price in Kenya just to have a clear view of the picture.

In this article I am privileged to bring to you a lot of information about the machine under the following sub-topics:

  1. Types of the machine.
  2. Should you buy or hire the device?
  3. Factors to consider in selecting the best machine.
  4. The operation, care and maintenance practices.

Types of Cement Mixers

The appliance has two major types

  • Continuous mixer

This is preferred for use in larger and thorough construction sites. It uses large masses of concretes and provides continuous flow. It is applied in the construction of big dams and bridges.

  • Drum or Batch mixer

This mixer has a drum that is fitted with blades. When the drum is rotated at a particular speed, the blades turn the materials in the drum hence mixing them well.

Should you Buy or Hire the Machine?

This is a question that many builders find difficult to answer, why? Probably because there is no recommended workload for using a mixer.

For the successful execution of contract duties, a contractor may be forced to buy one when faced with a huge workload, it may sound uneconomical if he hires the machine for a longer duration.

Individuals who only construct once in a year should consider hiring the device. You can consider buying concrete vibrator. Check poker vibrator for concrete price kenya

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mixer

Concrete mixer prices in Kenya should not be your major decision tool in choosing the best machine. Some of the other critical factors to consider in buying the machine are;

  1. The costs of acquiring, operating and maintaining the machine.
  2. The workload, the carrying and mixing capacity of the mixer.
  3. The operation skills needed.
  4. Ability to access its spare parts.
  5. Security and transportation.

The Operation Care and Maintenance

Just as other machines, the mixer should be handled with care during operation by ensuring proper oiling, using the best power, be it mechanical or electricity, replacing the worn out parts and proper cleaning after use to reduce the rust destruction.

The machine which is either petrol-driven or electrical has proved to be a bigger driver to the construction industry through speed and accuracy in mixing. A cement mixer has helped in reducing building costs, however, it has led to a reduction in labour employed per unit area hence reducing employment opportunities.