What are the Types of Paragliders You Can Buy?

Paragliding is getting insanely popular amongst the youth of many countries in the world. Be it Europe, America, Australia, India, or any other nation, you will find desperate pilots and love this adventure sport.

Each individual has a different approach towards the sport. And therefore, not all paragliders are meant for everyone. There are several different types of paragliders available in the market. When searching for a paraglider for sale,  you must know which one to buy depending on your flying frequency and its utilisation. So, as you scroll down, you will find out in detail about the different types of paragliders.

Paragliders are divided into classes that keep on evolving as there is change and advancement in technology. Based on your skill and techniques, you can choose a particular type of wing. To pick a suitable class, you first need to know the different classes in which paragliders are divided.

Type of Paragliders

1. Wing Rating

All paragliders are given an EN certification. The pilot needs to check the En rating of a wing before buying it as it defines its use and purpose. The European Norm Paragliding Certification has four levels of ratings. EN Rating A, B, C and D. This helps both the retailer and the customer to buy the right products based on their needs and skills.

Anyone who is an occasional pilot or is at a beginner level should go with an En Rating A-wing. Once you upgrade your skills, you can level up to En Rating B-wing. Pilots flying in thermal condition or willing to add more speed can switch to an En Rating C-wing. And, anyone who is an expert in paragliding can pick an En Rating D-wing.

2. First Wing Paragliders

These EN Rating A gliders are made for all pilots at the beginners level. They are affordable and offer decent support to a person who is a beginner.

3. Sports Paragliders

The sports paragliders are given an En C rating and are suitable for any pilot who needs freedom of movement. In addition, these wings are ideal for anyone who wants a more balanced ride in the sky. The best feature of sports paragliders is that they are resilient to any turbulence that can occur.

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4. Performance paragliders

The performance gliders are tricky and are only available for advance level use. Their aspect ratio is low, demands attention and is difficult to launch. Only a professional who has the intelligence to fly them correctly will enjoy the flying experience.

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5. Competition paragliders

Are you aware that there are international competitions worldwide where people participate to show their paragliding skill? You can invest in competition paragliders if you have achieved an intermediate level in paragliding. Usually, they are given En Rating D as they are only for the high-level purpose. These have more wing cells that offer more excellent stability and balance. The price of competition paragliders is comparatively higher as compared to others because it has more wing cells.

There are plenty of other factors that can affect your choice of buying a paraglider for sale. However, you must always seek the advice of an expert for purchasing the right products. You have many famous brands like NOVA, Paramotor, PHI and several others known for their quality and standards in the industry. You can always compare and find a perfect fit for yourself to make your flying experience worthwhile.

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